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Beijing Badachu Park Map

BaDaChu, meaning "Eight Great Sites," is a large park, located along the outskirts of urban Beijing, about 8 kilometers south of Fragrant Hills Park and about 25 kilometers from central Beijing. Well forested, the park covers an area of 250 Hectares?thus it has a pleasant climate all the year round—cool in summer and warm in winter.

It is famous for its eight ancient Buddhist temples and monasteries. Visitors can stroll from one temple to another, enjoying the beautiful scenery and admiring the arbor and rare ancient trees. Some of these trees have been standing for over 6 centuries, but their roots and branches are still strong and in good shape. In September and October, when the leaves are turning red, crowds of tourists come to climb the mountains. There is a cable-car to the top of the hill.

Badachu Park organizes two large-scale traditional tourism and cultural activities each year -- the Badachu China Gardens' Tea Culture Festival in spring, and Badachu Mountain-Climbing Festival on the Double Ninth Day on the lunar calendar in autumn. Tourists can join these two big events rich in Chinese tradictional culture.

Picture of Badachu Park

Eight Great Sites (eight ancient Buddhist temples and monasteries)

  • Lingguang Temple (Temple of Divine Light)
  • Dabei Temple (Temple of Great Mercy)
  • Xiangjie Temple (The Temple of the Fragrant World)
  • Changan Temple (Temple of Eternal Peace)
  • Sanshan Nunnery (Three-hill Nunnery)
  • Longquanan (Loong Spring Nunnery)
  • Pearl Cave
  • Zhengguo Temple (the oldest Temple among the eight)

Address(English):Badachu, Western Hill, Beijing China
How to get there:


  • Take Subway Line 1 to Pingguoyuan, then transfer to bus No. 972, 965 or 311.
  • Take Subway Line 1 to Yuquan Road, then transfer to bus No. 389.


Take municipal bus No. 347 from Beijing Zoo, or municipal bus No. 622 from Xidaokou.

Other information:

Entrance fee: CNY10

Openin hours: 6:00—18:30 (Mar.16 to Apr. 15)
            6:00—19:00 (Apr.16 to Aug.31)
            6:00—18:30 (Sep.1 to Nov.15)
            6:00—18:00 (Nov.16 to Mar.15)

Tel: (86-10) 8896-4661-2186


  • Cable cars are available for visitors to take uphill.
    Tickets: CNY50
  • Chutes for the downhill trip are available for those seeking thrills.
  • Tickets: CNY50

  If you choose both of these two trips, you can save CNY20 by buying a combination ticket, that is CNY80ogether

  • You can join the two large-scale traditional tourism and cultural activities each year -- the Badachu China Gardens' Tea Culture Festival in spring (uaually from late-Apr. to the mid-May) and the Badachu Mountain-Climbing Festival o­n the Double ninth Day o­n the lunar calendar in autumn.(usually from late-Sep. to mid or late Oct.)


Map of Badachu Park

Badachu park Map

Badachu Park Map

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