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Beijing BeiHai Park Travel Guide

Beihai Park is one of the oldest and largest well-preserved ancient imperial gardens in China, located in the center of Beijing. Initially built in the 10th century, this ancient garden contains numerous historically important structures, palaces and temples of an integration of southern  and northern Chinese Characteristics, covering an area of more than 69 hectares, more than of which are covered by BeiHai Lake.

Beihai Park is a living example of the ancient chinese art of landscaped gardens with artificial hills, pavilions, halls, temples and covered corridors blended with trees, hills and the lake in a harmony of man and nature. It was one of the first important cultural sites to be placed under state protection in 1961.

Beihai Park

The legend of BeiHai Park

Three islands in Beihai Park symbolize Elysium. Beihai Park was built according to the legend that God in the three magic hills of 'Penglai', 'Yingzhou' and 'Fangzhang' located to the east of Bohai Bay had a kind of herbal medicine which would help humans gain immortality. So the emperors of Chinese try tried to find out where they were, but they failed. However they dug a large pool and piled up three hills in it to imitate the circumstances described in the legend in the hope of gaining the same effect. Beihai Park was initially built in the Liao Dynasty (916 - 1125).

Why to go to BeiHai Park

  1. Beihai Park is a popular retreat and a place stay away from heat in summer, while in winter it becomes one of the biggest skating rinks in the city.
  2. Experience the the cultural atmosphere of the Royal Garden.
  3. Enjoy the beatuiful scenary of BeiHai Lake and on top of Qiong Hwa Island.
  4. Appreciate songs and dancing of the locals who often gathering there.

Suggested Tourist sites in BeiHai Park

  • Circular City
  • Hao Pu Creek (Haopujian) Garden
  • Qiong Hwa Island
  • Quiet Heart (Jingxin) Studio
  • Nine-Dragon Screen
  • Five-Dragon Pavilions
  • The Bridge of Everlasting Peace( Yonganqiao)

Address(English):No.1 Wenjing Street, Xicheng District.
How to get there:


Take buses No.101,103, 109, 124, 812, 814 and No.846 to the South Gate of BeiHai Park.
Take buses No.13, 42, 107, 111, 118, 810 and No.701 to the North Gate of BeiHai Park.
Take bus No.5 to the east gate.

Other information:

Ticket: CNY5 / person(Nov. 1 to Mar. 31)
             CNY10 / person (Apr.1 to Oct. 31)
Opening Hours: 06:30-20:00 (Nov.1 to Mar.31)
                             06:00-21:00 (April, May, September, October)
                             06:00 to 22:00 (Jun.1 to Aug.31)
Tel: 010-64071415

Beihai Park Map

Beihai Park Location Map

Beihai Park Location Map

Detailed Map of Beihai Park

Detailed Map of Beihai Park


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