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Beijing Huaibei International Ski Resort Map

Situated in Huairou District, about 18 kilometers from central Beijing, Beijing Huai Bei Ski Resort is a large international recreational resort which boasts excellent ski site and advanced facilities as well as sightseeing and accommodation services. Embracing by the Great Wall where trees are luxuriant and water abundant, the Huaibei Ski Resort is a famous attraction with both charming natural scenary and human landscape. Built in the year 2000 by the joint venture of mainland China and Hongkong.

Beijing Huaibei International Ski Resort

Beijing Huaibei International Ski Resort boasts the longest snow trail of 3800 meters in Beijing with two trails for experts, one for middle-level people and four for beginners. The whole ski trail has a drop reaching 238 meters. With its world-class facilities and services in China, it wins itself a good reputation. There are more than 20 professional ski instructor for your guidance which can give you great fun in the course.

Here besides skiing , you are able to take a bird view of the Great Wall by taking a cable car of the Ski Resort. Life is so tranquil here, you can fully relax yourself. Escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can enjoy the comfortable feeling of returning to the true nature. You don’t have to worry about your accommodation if you want to stay for the night. The Ski Resort boasts an excellent restaurant offering both Chinese-style snack and Western-style snack with the capacity of 500 people as well as several villas with a pleasant view among the mountain.

Price list for skiing of 2009 and 2010
Time Week days Weekends New Year's Day and Chinese Spring Festival
One hour 60CNY/p 80CNY/p 100CNY/p
Two hours 110CNY/p 150CNY/p 160CNY/p
Three hours 120CNY/p 180CNY/p 200CNY/p
Half a day 140CNY/p 200CNY/p 240CNY/p
Whole day 220CNY/p 360CNY/p 390CNY/p

Address(English):No.548, Hefangkou Village, Huaibei Town, Huairou District Beijing
How to get there:

Take Bus No. 936 (branch) at Dongzhimen Station and it will directly take you there.

  • The bus is available from 6:50 to 19:00 in every 30 minutes at Dongzhimen Station.
  • Return from Huaibei International Ski Resort to Dongzhimen Bus Station is from 4:50 to 17:00.
  • The whole journey will take you 1.5 hours.
  • Tickets for the bus: CNY 7 (without air conditioning)
    CNY 14 (with air conditioning)


Other information:

Open hour: 8:30am-5:30pm (open from late November to early March)

Tel: (86-10) 8969-6677

(86-10) 6966-1177

Entrance fees: CNY 20


  1. Villas with a pleasant view of the mountain scenary are available.
    CNY 480 for each room and a desposit of CNY300 is needed.
  2. Since December 5th 2009, every morning at weekends, bus No.936 will run directly from Dongzhimen Bus Station to Huaibei International Ski Resort with no stop between.
  3. Buffets are offered at weekends and holidays, CNY 48/person
  4.  Baked Hongzun Fish is the special food of Huaibei International Ski Resort. The little fish has high protein, and low fat with tend meat and delicious taste. Hongzun Fish is the ideal material for recherché sashimi and it is also palatable to steam, braize, smoke, or burn, which is a kind of health food.

Map of Beijing Huaibei International Ski Resort

Huaibei International Ski Resort

Beijing Huaibei International Ski Resort Map

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