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Beijing Hutong & Courtyards Map Travel Guide

Hutong & Courtyards are typical lanes and ancient residences where the locals still live. As symbols of Beijing city, the culture of Hutong & Courtyards is said to be the real culture of Beijing. Like an old man having suffered a lot, provide you much food for thought. Thus, they attract more tourists from home and abroad than the high-rise buildings and large mansions.

The Beijing Courtyard (Siheyuan in Chinese) is formed by four houses around a quadrangular courtyard. Many courtyards lining together form the Hutong (alleyways). The main buildings and the main gates of the Courtyards face south for better light, thus a majority of hutongs run from east to west. Between the main hutongs, many tiny lanes ran north and south for convenient passage. Almost every name of the Hutong has its own story, reflecting the culture of grassroots of Beijing. A close look at this disappering world is like entering into a world of centuries ago.

According to the Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage, there are over 3,000 well-preserved courtyards remaining in Beijing, including some famous people's former residences, such as Lu Xun Memorial, Guo Moruo Memorial, Mao Dun Memorial, Mei Lanfang Memorial, Lao She Memorial and Jixiaolan Memorial.

The hutong and siheyuan is not only a kind of architecture, but also kept as a window into Beijing folk life. For you, who want to experience the real local customs as well as the history and culture of Beijing, it is absolutely imdispensible to take a in Beijing.

Beijing Hutong

Some famous Hutong:

  • The oldest Hutong: Zhuan Ta Hutong ( Brick Tower Hutong)
  • The narrowest Hutong:Qian Shi Hutong (Money Market Hutong), the narrowest part is merely 40 centimeters (16 inches) wide
  • The longest Hutong in Beijing LegationQuarter ( Dong jiao min xiang)
  • The shortest Hutong: One-foot street
  • Nine turns Hutong, one can easily get lost in this Hutong
  • Hutong of Little Yang's Family (Xiao Yang Jia Hutong)

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Suggested visting routes:

Gulou Area, next to Houhai Lake, is always the best place to experience the culture of Hutong in Beijing, for there are lots of hutongs and attractions gathering together there.

  1. Sichahai Lake——Silver Ingot Bridge ( Yinding Bridge )——Hutong visting——Courtyards visiting
    Time: one hour
  2. Drum Tower Visiting——Silver Ingot Bridge ( Yinding Bridge )——Sichahai Lake——Hutong visting——Courtyards visiting
    Time: 1.5 to 2 hours
  3. Drum Tower Visiting——Silver Ingot Bridge ( Yinding Bridge )——Sichahai Lake——Hutong visting——Courtyards visiting——Mansion of Prince Gong
    Time: 2.5 to 3 hours


  1. You can take organized rickshaw tours of the Hutong & Courtyards.
    Fees for each richshaw: from CNY60 to CNY250/ (depending on the route you choose)
    Booking telephone : (86-10) 6433-4033
    (86-13) 8010-51196   
    Note: call three hours ahead of time
  2. If you have enough time, it can be more fun to explore them by yourself. Stroll through the meandering Hutong and experience the colorful and leisure life of those residents is great fun.
  3. Choose one hotel (converted from Courtoyards) in the Hutong areas where you can escape from the busy and noisy modern world.
     Suggested place: Hutong Courtyard B&B
    Address: No.28 Maoer Hutong, Beijing China
    Phone: +44 (0) 1189-706-846
    Accommodation fees: 45.00 - 85.00 US Dollars (including breakfast)
    Languages: Chinese, English

 Map of Back Lake Hutong Tour Route

Hutong Tour Route Map

Back Lake Hutong Tour Route Map

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