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Beijing National Stadium Map

Beijing National Stadium, known as "Bird's Nest"for its unique design, is the very place that held the 2008 Summer Olympics and its opening and closing ceremonies. To mention the Bird's Net, the spectacular scene of the impressive opening ceremony will come up to mind. It is a grand and unprecedented success.

As an architectural landmark and Olympic legacy, now this great building has been claimed to be a tourist spot open to the public. It is located at the southern part of the Olympic Green in Beijing, occupying an area of 21 hectares, with a space floor of 258,000 square meters. Its seating capacity amounts to 91,000, including 11,000 temporary seats. Its fire resistance capability is first-rate, and it can withstand an eight-magnitude earthquake. The water-resistance capability of its underground project is also first-rate. Construction cost approximately 3.5 billion yuan ($423 million USD).

Visitors can re-experience the exciting moment of the Olympics, enjoy an authentic feast of Olympic Games, visit the spetacular stadiums as well as appreciate the unique design of the Stadums which incorporates elements of Chinese art and culture. Souvenirs of the Olympic and Bird's Nest are available.

Beijing National Stadium

Builders and Designers for the Beijing Olympic Stadium

  • Herzog & de Meuron, architects 
  • Ai Weiwei, Artistic Consultant 
  • China Architecture Design & Research Group

Address(English):Beichen West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijng China
How to get there:


  • Take Olympic Green Subway Line which can directly take you there.
  • Take subway line 10 then transfer Olympic Green Subway Line at Panda Ring Island station (Xiong mao huan dao Station)
  • Take subway line 8 and get off at Olympic Center Station

Bus route

  • Take bus No.113, 386, 407, 656, 737, 740, 753, 804, 827, 939, 944 or  No.983 then get off at Beichen- qiaoxi Bus stop.
  • Take bus No.328, 379, 419, 425, 484, 518, 628, 751, 836, 851, 913, 949 or No.963 then get off at Wa Li Nan Kou Bus stop.
Other information:

Opening hours:

The Beijing State-Owned Assets Management Co. Ltd (ower of the Olympic Stadiums) has adjusted the opening hours in November, 2009 as followed
9:00-17:00( Nov.1 to Feb. 29)
9:00-17:30( Mar.1 to Oct.31)

Tickets:  CNY50 (the Bird's Net only)
          CNY100 (including the entrance fees of Beijing Olympic Green, Waer Cube, the National Stadium and the International Zone of Olympic Village)

Note: security check is needed at the entrance. Cigarette lighters and other things of possible danger are prohibitted to take in.

Map of National Stadium

National Stadium Map

Map of Beijing National Stadium

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