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Beijing Western Qing Tombs Travel Guide

The Western Qing Tombs are located some 140km (87 miles) southwest of Beijing in Yixian County, Hebei province. Altogether 4 emperors, 9 empresses, 56 imperial concubines as well as some royal servants of the Qing Danasty were buried there.

Covering an area of about 800 square kilometers, the whole area is surrounded by more than 20 thousand ancient pines. With its attractive scenery, high cultural values, delicate craft work and unique designs, the Western Qing Tombs have proved to be a charming and popular location for tourists from both home and abroad ever since it was unveiled to the public. And in 2000, it was listed by the UNESCO as the World Heritage Site.

Tourist sites in Western Qing Tombs

  • Tailing (tomb of Emperor Yongzheng, 1678-1735, the 3rd emperor)
  • Changling (tomb of Emperor Jiaqing 1760-1820, the 5th emperor)
  • Muling (tomb of Emperor Daoguang 1782-1850, the 6th emperor)
  • ]Chongling (tomb of Emperor Guangxu 1871-1908, the 9th emperor)

Western Qing Tombs

Address(English):west of Yixian County, Hebei province
How to get there:

Daily from 6:50 A.M to 5 P.M, in Lize Bridge Beijing, there will be coaches to Yixian county, one in every 20 minutes.
Time of trip: 3 hours
Tickets: CNY 20/ person
After you get to Yixian bus station(7km away from your destination) then transfer bus No.9, it cost you only CNY 3 to take you to the Western Qing Tombs.

Tourist bus
Daily in Lize Bridge Long-distance Bus Station, tourist buses are available in every 30 minutes. The last bus is at 16:00.

Bus back to Beijing

  1. From 6:00 to 14:00 buses are available in every 30 minutes back to Lize Bridge, Beijing.
  2. At 4:30 in the early morning, only one bus is available back to Beijing, at about 6:30 you can get back to Lize Bridge, Beijing.
Other information:


  1. CNY 122/person from April 1 to Oct. 31(including the entrance
    fees of Tailing,Muling, Chongling,Taifeiyuanqing, Yongfusi, Chongling and so on).
  2. CNY 82/person from Nov.1 to Mar.31( at this time only three tombs as Tailing, Chongling and Yongfusi are open to tourists)

If you want to visit only one or two of the tombs, the entrance fees of each tombs are as follow:

  • from April 1 to Oct. 31: Tailing-CNY 47, Muling-CNY 20, Chongling-CNY 47, Yongfusi-CNY 20, Taifeiyuanqing-CNY 10, Duanwangyuanqing-CNY 10 
  • from Nov.1 to Mar.31: Tailing -CNY 37,Chongling-CNY 37,Yongfusi-CNY 15.

Tel : 0312-4710012
Opening hours: from 8:40 to 17:30

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