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Barkhor Street, Situated at the old city of Lhasa, is a must-see for any visitor wanting to learn about Tibetan culture, economy, religion, and arts...

Barkhor Street is a very ancient as well as the trading and religious center. Encircling the circular street of the Jokhang Temple, a distance of 500 m, is the flourishing Bakhor Street taken completion with the Jokhang Temple. The Bakhor Street serves as a circumambulation circuit and a shopping center as well. Many commodities in the Bakhor Street are displayed with the characteristics of Tibet including prayer flags, prayer wheels, thangkas, sutras, prayer beads, etc. as well as knives, tanka, tapestries, gold and silver ware, masks and much more. It is also offered Tibetan-style daily goods. One may have chance to taste the right flavor of Tibetan food here.

Barkhor Street of Tibet


  1. You should always walk in a clockwise direction.
  2. It is recommended not to visit Barkhor street in the evening. Every evening at six o'clock, Barkhor Street turns into a market selling small articles for daily use, and the labyrinth of lanes surrounding the street are very easy to get lost in.
  3. Different vendors may sell the same thing at different price. So you'd better ask several vendors and get more information of the articles. Of course, you should also know how to bargain with them.
  4. According to the tradition of Tibet, the vendor will give a favorable price to the first customer and the last one in a day.

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