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Qing (Manchu) Dynasty Map


Map of the Qing (Manchu) Dynasty

The Qing Dynasty, also known as the Manchu Dynasty, lasted from 1644 AD to 1912 AD. It was the last dynasty in China as well as the second of the only two dynasties ruled by ethnic minority in Chinese history. The early part of this dynasty is a time of prosperity with cultural integration and economic development. After the middle period, the Qing Dynasty became to face increasing social contradictions as well as external invasions and declined gradually. Finally, the dynasty was overthrown following the Revolution of 1911 (the Xin Hai Revolution) led by Sun Yat-Sen.

The Qing Dynasty Map, presenting the largely extended territory of China in the Qing Dynasty, its provincial borders, provincial capitals and smaller cities and towns.

Qing (Manchu) Dynasty

Qing Dynasty Map

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