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Yuan Dynasty (Mongol Empire) Map


Map of the Yuan Dynasty

The Yuan Dynasty (1271 AD – 1368 AD) was the first of only two regimes established by ethnical group in China. It was founded by Kublai Khan, the grandson of Genghis Khan (Tiemuzhen). With superior military capabilities, the Mongols stretched the territory of the Yuan Dynasty to Mongolia and Siberia in the north, the Stanovoy Range in the northeast, eastern part of Xinjiang Province in the northwest, the South Sea in the south, and Yunnan Province and Tibet in the southwest. However, internal political disintegration, along with a series of natural disasters, led to rebellion and dynastic collapse.

The Yuan Dynasty Map, showing the geographical extension of the Yuan Dynasty as well as its provincial borders, provincial names and major cities in each province.

Yuan Dynasty Map

Yuan Dynasty Map

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