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Map of Ethnic Groups in China

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There are 56 distinct ethnic groups in China, the largest of which are Han Chinese (about 1.2 billion, making up about 91.9% of the total population), also the largest single ethnic group in the world. The 55 other ethnic groups are officially recognized as ethnic minority groups, mostly concentrated in the northwest, north, northeast, south, and southwest but with some in central interior areas.

All minorities in China today have the equal right as Han Chinese. Since most of the ethnic minority groups reside in the remote area and usually poor, Chinese government has preference policy to provide training for the minorities to progress, govern and manage. There are five Autonomous Regions for minorities: Guangxi, Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia and Ningxia.

If you are interested in the ethnic culture in China, you can go to visit the following places to experience it.
Yunnan in southwestern China: Water-Splashing Festival of Dai people, Torch Festival of Yi people, and the architecture and painting of Bai people.
Guilin in South China's Guangxi Province: the Miao and Yao people, famous for their Terraced Rice Field and extremely long hair.
Guizhou in the southwest of China: Miao people, well-known for their exquisite silver accessory, traditional embroidery, grand festivals, oriented customs and colorful costumes with elaborate headdresses.
Xinjiang in far west China: the Uygur people famous for their dancing and singing talents.

Ethinc Minorities in China

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