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Below is a comprehensive collection of China subway maps 2012 - 2013, including beijing , Shenzhen , Shanghai , Guangzhou s, Hong Kong, Taipei, Wuhan , Shenyang , Tianjin, Nanjing, Chongqing , etc. We also provide maps and information of the subway lines in each city.

China is now investing BIG money on subway construction. There are many subway lines are under construction at the same time now. We will try to keep the information updated and concise, but it is changing too fast, so our information is only for reference.

Urban Subway Maps for China's Cities To view Beijing Subway Maps To view Nanjing Subway Maps To view Guangzhou Subway Maps To view Chongqing Subway Maps To view Hong Kong Subway Maps To view Wuhan City Subway Map To view Shenzhen Subway maps To view Taipei City Subway Maps To view Shanghai City Subway Maps To view Tianjin City Subway Maps To view Shenyang Subway Maps

Shenzhen Subway

Detailed Shenzhen 2010Subway Map

Shenzhen Subway Map 2012, 2013

Beijing subway

Beijing Subway Map 2012 2013 to 2015

Beijing Subway Map 2012 to 2015

Beijing Subway Map 2012 (in Chinese)

Beijing Subway Map 2012 & Batong Line

Beijing Subway Map 2008 (in English)

Beijing Subway Map 2008 (in English)

Beijing Subway Map 2007

Beijing Subway Map 2007

Guangzhou Metro System

Guangzhou Metro Map 2010

Guangzhou Metro Map

Guangzhou Subway Map 1999

Earliest Guangzhou Subway Map, 1999

Guangzhou Subway Map 2009

Guangzhou Subway Map 2009 in English

Guangzhou Metro System Guide Map

Guangzhou 2009 Best Subway Map

Shanghai Metro Network

Subway map

Shanghai Subway Map 2007 & Maglev Train Line

Shanghai Subway Map

Shanghai Subway Map 2009 (in English)

2010 Shanghai Subway Map

2010 Shanghai Subway Map

Shanghai City Transportation Map

2009 Latest Shanghai Transportation Map

Hong Kong Subway System

Map of Hong Kong Island Subway

Taipei Metro System

Taipei Subway Map 2009 & 2010

Wuhan Subway Map

Wuhan Subway Map in Operation & for 2012

Nanjing Subway System

Nanjing Subway Map 2009

Shenyang Metro System

Shenyang 2010 & Planned Metro Map

Tianjin Subway

Tianjin Subway Map

Chongqing Metro System

Chongqing Metro Map 2009 & 2010

Chongqing Subway Map 2009 & 2010

Chongqing Subway 2009-2012

Chongqing Subway Map from 2009 to 2012

Chongqing Transportation Map

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