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Chengdu Subway Maps and Guide


Chengdu, the most prominant city of southwestern China, is stepping into Subway Era far ahead of other southwestern cities as what its people expected. Chengdu carried out a metro plan of building in total 7 subway lines to cover entire Chengdu for the purpose of easing the traffice congestion and city pollution on the ground. Parently, there are already 2 lines under operation-Line 1 and Line 2, which has made Chengdu the seventh city having a functioning subway system, after Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Tianjin.Come and take a subway Chengdu tour.


Chengdu Subway Maps 2012


Chengdu is going to build 7 subway lines in future

Line 1

The construction of the Line 1 began in December of 2005, and turned into running on 27th September, 2010. There are 28 subway stations which stretch from south of Chengdu to north of Chengdu overall a lengh of 36km. From the Shengxian Lake, the Line 1 steers southward, passing via Wenshu Monastery, the largest railway station-Chengdu North Railway Station, stops a minute at Chengdu's center-Tianfu Square, keeps moving, via Chengdu South Railway Station, finally arrives at the most prosperous Century City.

Advanced communication systems have been installed on the platforms and in the halls of every Line 1 station. These systmes include 46x52in high-definition electronic display terminals, which give passengers information on train times, news and other multimedia.

Line 2

Line 2 connects Chengdu between northwest and Southeast, which makes it very convenient to take subway from outer 3-ring area, like Longquan District and Xipu District, to Chendu central city area.The Line 2's construction is divided to two phases. So far, the first phase construction is completed, and the section between Chadianzi Bus Station and Institute of Administration is under operation. The second phase of line 2 construction has two parts: the Western extention section and the Eastern section. The Western extention section will be finished in 2013, and will turn to operation in the May of 2013 while the East section has to wait to 2014.


Detailed Chengdu Subway Route Map


Detailed route map of Chengdu subway 2013

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Chengdu Metro Timetable, Station and Routes

Line 1

  • DirectionFirst ExpressLast Express
  • StopTo Century CityTo Shengxian LakeTo Century CityTo Shengxian Lake
  • Shengxian Lake06:3022:30
  • North Railway Station06:3207:0222:3323:32
  • Renmin Rd. North06:3506:5922:3523:29
  • Wenshu Monastery06:3706:5722:3723:27
  • Luomashi06:3906:5522:3923:25
  • Tianfu Square06:4106:5322:4223:23
  • Jinjiang Hotel06:4406:5122:4423:21
  • Huaxiba06:4606:4922:4623:19
  • Sichuan Gymnasium06:4806:4622:4823:16
  • Nijiaqiao06:5006:4422:5023:14
  • Tongzilin06:5206:4222:5223:12
  • South Railway Station06:5406:3922:5423:10
  • Hi-Tech Zone06:5706:3722:5723:08
  • Financial City06:5906:3522:5923:05
  • Incubation Park07:0106:3323:0123:03
  • Century City06:3023:00

Line 2

  • DirectionFirst ExpressLast Express
  • StopTo Institute of AdministrationTo Chadianzi Bus TerminalTo Institute of AdministrationTo Chadianzi Bus Terminal
  • Chadianzi Bus Terminal07:0022:30
  • Yangxi Flyover07:0207:1222:3222:42
  • Yipintianxia Shuhan07:0407:1022:3422:40
  • Shuhan Road East07:0707:0722:3722:37
  • Baiguolin07:0907:0522:3922:35
  • CUTCM & Sichuan People's Hospital07:1207:0222:4222:32
  • Tonghuimen07:1407:0022:4422:30
  • Renmin Park07:1606:5822:4622:28
  • Tianfu Square07:1806:5622:4822:26
  • Chunxi Road07:2106:5322:5122:23
  • Dongmen Bridge07:2306:5122:5322:21
  • Niuwangmiao07:2506:4922:5522:19
  • Niushikou07:2806:4622:5822:16
  • Dongda Road07:3006:4423:0022:14
  • Tazishan Park07:3206:4223:0222:12
  • East Railway Station07:3406:3923:0422:09
  • Chengyü Flyover07:3706:3723:0722:07
  • Huiwangling07:3906:3423:0922:04
  • Honghe07:4106:3223:1122:02
  • Institute of Administration06:3022:00

Things to do along the Chengdu Subway

Things to do along the Chengdu SubwayNever worry about finding no place to have fun, becasue there are hundrends of attractions for you to explore.You may find a exquisite garder, or a ancient street,or a temple wherever you go. As the running of the Chengdu subway lines, it is very covenient to vist some interest sightseeing spots or relics, like Shengxian Lake, Wenshu Monastery, Renmin Park, Tianfu Square, etc.

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Chengdu Subway Shopping Guide

Chengdu Subway Shopping GuideThanks for the operation of Line 1 and Line 2, shopping is much easier than ever before. Taking subway, you can get to the most of large shopping center of Chengdu in minutes.

Chunxi Road is phrased as the "Shoppingdise" of Chengdu. It is reported that there is a traffic flow between 300,000 and 600,000 daily...

Right out of the Sichuan Gymnasium is the most prosperous digital markets. One of the most famous markets is the Digital Plaza...

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Useful Chengdu Subway Tips

  • Auto machine only accept 70%-new or newer paper money of 5¥ and 10¥ money, or coins. If you don't have newer money or coins, you can buy ticket from the desk.
  • Taking subway with Tianfutong Subway Card, get a discount of 10%.
  • Subway ticket is only available for a day, you must use it within 30 minutes after buying it.
  • Board subway by the sides of door.
  • There is a subway every 10 minutes.
  • Please do not take photo with photoflash which may mix up with subway signal light.
  • Kids less then 120cm(including 120cm) can take subway without charge.


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