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Things To Do Along the Chengdu Subway

Never worry about finding no place to have fun, becasue there are hundrends of attractions for you to tour Chengdu.You may find a exquisite garder, or a ancient street,or a temple wherever you go. As the running of the Chengdu subway lines, it is very covenient to vist some interest sightseeing spots or relics, like Shengxian Lake, Wenshu Monastery, Renmin Park, Tianfu Square, etc.

Shengxian Lake(Line 1-Shengxian Lake Stop)

Shengxian Lake is the first station of Line 1 from North to South. Shengxian(升仙),in Chinese, meas becoming immortal. There was a taoistm, named Zhang Bozi, who become immortal here. So people call this lake as Shengxian Lake. There is a Shengxian Bridge in the Shengxian lake, and end of the bridge is a 8-angle pavilion where Chinese ancient poet Sima Xiangru wrote peoms here.

Chengdu Shengxian Lake

Wenshu Monastery(Line 1-Wenshu Monastery Stop)

Wenshu Monastery is a famous Buddist temple. You can quiet down your hear here and learn some about Buddist culture. It is also the best place to experience Chengdu's traditional tea culture.

Chengdu Wenshu Monastery

Renmin Park(Line 2- Renmin Park Stop)

Renmin Park already has a history of 101 years which is the first park of Chengdu. It is a reflection of Chengdu people's cosy life. People play mahjong, drink tea, sing opera, play acrobatics there.

Chengdu Renmin Park

Tazishan Park

There is a 70-meters, 13-floor tower in the park, which gave the park the name of "Tazishan Park". Tazishan Park is a traditional style park with ancient style decoration and integration with modern amusement facilities. At the same time, It has 80 kinds of different trees, 150 kinds of birds.

Chengdu Tazishan Park