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Chengdu Subway Shopping Guide

Thanks for the operation of Line 1 and Line 2, shopping is much easier than ever before. Taking subway, you can get to the most of large shopping center of Chengdu in minutes.

Chunxi Road

Chunxi Road is phrased as the "Shoppingdise" of Chengdu. It is reported that there is a traffic flow between 300,000 and 600,000 daily. A lot of international big brand of luxury gather in the fancy shopping mall, such as Renhe Chuntian Mall(仁和春天百货), Lesen Shopping Center(乐森购物中心). At the same time, some large general merchandises settle down around Chunxi Road, like Wangfujin Mall(王府井百货), ISETAN(伊势丹), Ito-Yokado(伊藤洋华堂) and Carrefour(家乐福),etc.

Chengdu Chunxi Road

At the same time, the gradual consummation of facilities of entertainment, casual dining, business service upgrades Chunxi Road to a all-around shopping paradise.

Chengdu IT Mall

Right out of the Sichuan Gymnasium Stop is the most prosperous digital markets. One of the most famous markets is the Digital Plaza where you can buy the latest computers, laptop, camera, digital fitting, game divice, cell phones, etc. Near to the Digital Plaza, there are three other IT malls-New Century Computer City, Bainaohui and @ World.

Chengdu IT Mall