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Hangzhou Subway Maps and Guide

Hangzhou Subway Maps 2012


On November 24, more than 970,000 people witnessed the "virgin runing" of Hangzhou Subway Line 1 which is the first subway line of Hangzhou City. People were lucky to experiencet this newly high-tech transportation rail with a free ticket from Hangzhou Metro Group Corporation Ltd. It is the milestone of Hangzhou modern history, said by a Hangzhou Government officer.

Hangzhou Subway Plan

There are 10 subway lines to be built according to Hangzhou Subway System plan before 2050, in total 375.6km. The first phase of project includes Line 1 and Line 2.

The project of Line 1 started on March 28, 2007, and officially turned into operation on November 24, 2012. According to official news, more than 20 billions RMB was invested during the whole project of Line 1. Hangzhou subway line 1 has 34 stations, starting from Xianghu Lake station(湘湖站) of Xiaoshan District to the Linping station(临平站) along the Century Avenue. It connects the main city area with suburbs districts, like Jiangnan(江南), Linping(临平) and Xiasha(下沙). The section extending from Xiasha is still under construction.

Hangzhou Subway Maps 2012

Hangzhou Subway Plan

Hangzhou Subway Line 1

Hangzhou Subway Line 1 Map

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Applying Modern High-tech in Hangzhou Subway

During the whole subway construction, a new technology, called Rail Vibration Isolation Technology was used to ease down the noisy generated by friction between wheel and rail. Up above the subway, the residential area, hotels, schools, theatres are prevented from noisy pollution.

Hangzhou Subway is the first subway line which is entirely covered by 4G signals in the world. A officer in CMCC (China Mobile Communication Corporation) said passengers can receive the 4G signals both in subway station and moving metro. And the signal frequency can reach 40Mbps.


Hangzhou Subway Maps 4G Network


Passenger can enjoy fast 4G Network on Hangzhou subwy line 1

Detailed Timetable, Stations and Route of Hangzhou Subway Line 1

  • DirectionFirst ExpressLast Express
  • StationTo Wenze RoadTo XianghuTo Wenze RoadTo Xianghu
  • Xianghu06:2320:30
  • Binkang Road06:2606:4920:3321:51
  • Xixing06:2906:4720:3521:48
  • Binhe Road06:3206:4420:3821:45
  • Jianglin Road06:1506:4120:4121:43
  • Jinjiang06:1906:3720:4521:39
  • Wujiang Road06:2106:3520:4721:36
  • Chengzhan06:2406:3220:5021:34
  • Anding Road06:2706:2920:5221:31
  • Longxia Bridge06:1606:2620:5621:28
  • Fengqi Road06:1906:2420:5821:25
  • Wulin Sq06:2106:2121:0121:23
  • West Lake Culture Sq06:2406:1921:0321:20
  • Datieguan06:2706:1621:0621:17
  • Zhanongkou06:3006:1321:0921:14
  • East Railway Station
  • Pengbu06:3506:0721:1521:08
  • Qibao06:3806:5021:1821:05
  • Jiuhe Road06:2306:4821:2121:03
  • Jiubao06:2606:4521:2321:00
  • Passenger Service Centre06:2906:4221:2620:57
  • Xiashaxi06:3306:3821:3020:53
  • Jinshahu06:3606:3521:3320:50
  • Gaosha Road06:3806:3321:3520:48
  • Wenze Road06:3020:46

Line 1 Feeder

  • DirectionFirst ExpressLast Express
  • StationTo LinpingTo To Linping往客运中心
  • Passenger Service Center06:2721:29
  • South Qiaosi06:3106:4321:3420:49
  • Qiaosi06:3506:3921:3820:44
  • Wengmei06:3906:3521:4220:40
  • Yuhang High Raiway06:4206:3121:4620:37
  • Nanyuan06:4506:2821:4920:34
  • Lingping06:2520:30

Things to do along the Hangzhou Metro

Things to do along the Hangzhou MetroAs one of the most ancient cities in China, Hangzhou has hundreds of hostory relics and sightseeding spots. We have listed some of them which are along the Hangzhou Metro Line 1. Linping is a suburb city of Hangzhou, which has a history of 1,700 years history. It is used to be a ancient poets' faverite. And now Hangzhou metro line 1 has extended its line to Linping city.
If you want to experience real "Jiangnan Style", please take subway to the Jiangnan District.

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Hangzhou Metro Shopping Guide

Hangzhou Metro Shopping GuideThe operation of subway is a heart-sterring news for Hangzhou people. The Hangzhou Subway Line 1 goes across the most prominant business area of Hangzhou city, like Wulin Square and the most prosperous shopping street of Hangzhou-Yan'an Street. Within a few minutes, you can get to a large shopping mall in central city area. If you don't want to go far, you will just have to shop in the subway shopping malls which will be open very soon.

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Hangzhou Subway Tips and FAQs

Hangzhou Subway Tips and FAQs1. How to buy subway ticket on ticket vendor?
2. How does the subway ticket charge?
3. Is there a discount policy for senior citizen and students?

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