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Where to go for shopping along the Hangzhou Subway

Hangzhou Subway Maps 2012

The operation of subway is a heart-sterring news for Hangzhou people. The Hangzhou Subway Line 1 goes across the most prominant business area of Hangzhou city, like Wulin Square(武林广场) and the most prosperous shopping street of Hangzhou-Yan'an Road(延安路). Within a few minutes, you can get to a large shopping mall in central city area. If you don't want to go far, you will just have to shop in the subway shopping malls which will be open very soon.

Wulin Business Circle-Wulin Square Staion, Fengqi Road Station

Wulin Business Circle is the most prosperous shopping area in Hangzhou. Thousands of top-class stores of different industries including fashion, digital, genneral merchandise, dining, entertainment. Wulin Squre is the center of this business circle surrounded by the famous three famous shopping mall: Hangzhou Dasha Shopping Mall(杭州大厦购物城), Yigang Shopping Mall(亿港百货) and Hangzhou Mall(杭州百货大楼). Major shooping streets are Gym Road, Yan'an Road, Zhongshan North Road, Fengqi Road. While in Jesus Tangnong, Baijinfang Alley, Jietansi Alley, there are a lot of traditional stores selling some local snacks,deserts, braised food.


Wulin square


Wulin square is the shopping center of Hangzhou

If you are a fashion lover, don't miss the "China's best women dress street" where you can buy yourself the lastest fashion clothings. If you prefer upper luxury style, go straight to Hangzhou Dasha Shopping Mall where gathers Armani、CHANEL、DIOR、LV、GUCCI. If you are traveler here, you must want buy some local specialty or souvenirs. Don't worry, there are a lot: Longjing Tea(龙井茶), Silk Umbrella(西湖绸伞, Lotus Root Powder(藕粉), Tianzhu Chopsticks(天竺筷), Hangbaiju Tea(杭白菊), Zhangxiaoquan Scissors(张小泉剪刀), Chaoshan Plum(超山梅),etc.


Hangzhou shopping-Hangzhou Dasha


Hangzhou Dasha Shopping Mall-the largest shopping mall in Hangzhou

Hangzhou Subway Mall

There are three four subway shopping malls under construction, separately locates in Fengqi Road Station, Chengzhan Station, Wenze Road Station and Linping Station. And the shopping mall in the Qifeng Station is the largest one. It covers 3614m², and will be a business center of fashion clothing, popular food chain store and general merchandises.


Hangzhou Subway Mall


There will be 34 stores in the Fengqi Subway Station