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Hangzhou Subway Tips and FAQ

Hangzhou Subway Maps 2012

1. How to buy subway ticket on ticket vendor?
Re: Passenger can buy ticket according to map, route and ticket fee on ticket vendor. Only 70%-new or newer paper money of 5¥ and 10¥ money, or 1¥coin. If you don't have newer money or coins, you can buy ticket from the desk.
2. How does the subway ticket charge?
Re: Hangzhou subway charges by Metered Fare, starting at 2¥. If your distance is between 4~12 km, 12~24km, 24~more, you will be charged from 1¥/4 km, 1¥/ 6km to 1¥/ 8km.
3. Is there a discount policy for senior citizen and students?
Re: Senior citizen between 60~70 years old(exlude 70) can share a discounot of 50% with valid ID. Senior citizen older than 70 years old(including 70) can take subway without charge, but have to pay half price during the "Peak Hours"(7:00-8:30;17:00-18:30). Students of primary school, middle school, vocational high school, technical secondary school and technical school can share a discount of 50% with Student ID.
4. Can I bring my pet to take subway?
Re: Only working dogs can get into subway station and railcar.
5. Is there a restriction to personal belongings?
Re: Personal belongings must kept within 20kg, 0.125m³ and 1.6m(width+length).