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Hangzhou Metro Travel-Things To Do Along the Hangzhou Metro

Hangzhou Subway Maps 2012

As one of the most ancient cities and most popular destination for China travel, Hangzhou has hundreds of hostory relics and sightseeding spots. We have listed some of them which are along the Hangzhou Metro Line 1 to plan your Hangzhou travel.

Linping(Line 1-Linping Station)

Linping is a suburb city of Hangzhou, which has a history of 1,700 years history. It is used to be a ancient poets' faverite. And now Hangzhou metro line 1 has extended its line to Linping city. With many history relics and sightseeing spots, Linping is attracting more and more people to visit.

  • Linping Park: There are a lot things to do in Linping Park, such as Amusement Park, Donglai Pavilion, Monument of Revolutionary Martyrs,etc.
  • Tianducheng Huanle Siji Park: Located on the Xingqiao Street, it is a theme park of France style, including Jurassic Period Amusement Park, Acting Zone, France Town, Swan lake, Peak Castle and Love Zone.
  • Jiangnan Shuixiang Cultural Museum: It is a museum presenting Yunhang history, Jiangnan Shuixiang culture, custom and habit.
  • Chaoshan: Chaoshan is a Provincial Scenic Zone, which is famous for its plum blossom. There are five worshipful plum blossom: Tang, Song, Chu, Jin, Sui. And Chaoshan has two of them: Tang plum blossom and Song plum blossom.


Linping Chaoshan plum blossom


Jiangnan District(Line 1: Xixing Station, Binkang Road Station and Xianghu Station)

If you want to experience real "Jiangnan Style", please take subway to the Jiangnan District. There are 5 subway stations in Jiangnan District: Jialing Road Station, Binghe Road Station, Xixing Station, Binkang Road Station and Xianghu Station.

  • Xixing Ancient Town: it has a history of more than 2,000 years, and is the end of Jinghang Grand Canal. Xixing Ancient Town was the first ferry of Qiantangjiang River. According to Hangzhou city construction plan, Xixing Ancient Town will become the cultural and lesure centre of the new Binjiang city area.
  • Xianghu Lake: Xianghu Lake is the "sister lake" of West Lake. It is the origin of Zhejiang culture. There are Kuahuqiao Cultural Relic( 跨湖桥文化遗址 ) and Yue Emperor Relic( 越王城遗 ). Near to Xianghu Lake Station is the Hangzhou World Leisure EXPO Park. Inside, there are the most characteristic theme park-Hangzhou Paradise, and the largest High-tech theme park in China-Rot Apple Paradise.


Xixing Ancient Town


West Lake Cultural Square(Line1: West Lake Cultural Square Station)

West Lake Cultural Square is the most educating and scientific place along the Subway line 1. Many provicial musems station here, such as Zhejiang Scince Museum, Zhejiang Nature Meseum, Zhejiang Provice Meseum, Zhejiang Culture and Art Center, Zhejiang Painting Institute, Xiling Press, Hangzhou Press Group, Boku Book City and Global Center.


West Lake Cultural Square


Wulin Square(Line 1: Wulin Square Station)

Wulin Square is the shopping center of Hangzhou. Many large shopping mall gether here, like Hangzhou Dasha Shopping Mall, Yitai Shopping Mall, Hangzhou Shopping Mall, etc. Next to the squre, there is a "women clothing street". Going straight along the Gym Road, you will find a local characteristic street-China Silk City. If you like, you can take a "River Bus" to experience a special river cruise.


Wulin Square


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