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Suzhou Metro


Suzhou is a prefecture-level city of Jiangsu Province. It is also a popular destination for travelers when plan a China tour. After years' development, Suzhou has become a modernized city. On April 28, 2012, Suzhou's first subway line was opened to traffic, which made Suzhou the first prefeture-level city having subway.

Suzhou Subway Plan

Suzhou was approved by National Development and Reform Committee to buid 7 subway lines before 2020. So far, the Line 1 has already opened to traffic. At the same time, Suzhou are constructing Line 2, Line 4 and Line 8. According to Suzhou Metro plan, the Line 2 and Line 4 are sopposed to be opened to traffic seperately during 2014 and 2015. The Line 3 and Line 5 are still under plan period.

Line 1

The Line 1 has 24 subway stations over 25km, starting from Mudu(木渎) in Wuzhong District, passing 6 Suzhou districts, ending at Zhongnan Street Station(终南街) in Industrial Park District. There are 4 transter stations, transfering with Line 3 at Suzhou Amusement Park Station(苏州乐园) and Xingtang Street Station(星塘街), transfering with with Line 2 at Guangji Road Station(广济路), transfering with Line 4 at Renming Road Station(人民路). The average speed of Line 1 is 35.03km/h. It will take about 43 minutes from the Mudu Station to Zhongnan Street Station.


Suzhou Subway Maps 2013

Xian Metro Plan

Suzhou Subway Line 1

Xian Subway Line 1 Map

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Detailed Route, Station and Timetable of Suzhou Metro Line 1

  • DirectionFirst ExpressLast Express
  • StationTo MuduTo Zhongnan StreetTo MuduTo Zhongnan Street
  • Mudu06:2921:26
  • Jinfeng Road06:3107:1621:3123:11
  • Fenhu Road06:3307:1421:3323:09
  • Yushan Park06:3507:1221:3523:07
  • Suzhou Amusement Park06:3807:1021:3823:05
  • Tayuan Road06:4007:0721:4023:02
  • Binhe Road06:4207:0521:4223:00
  • Xihuan Road06:4407:0321:4422:58
  • Tongjingbei Road>06:4707:0121:4722:56
  • Guangjinan Road06:4906:5921:4922:54
  • Yangyuxia06:5106:5621:5122:51
  • Leqiao06:5306:5421:5322:49
  • Lindun Road06:5506:5221:5522:47
  • Xiangmen06:5706:5021:5722:45
  • Donghuan Road06:5906:4821:5922:43
  • Central Park07:0106:4622:0122:41
  • Xinghai Square07:0306:4422:0322:39
  • Dongfangzhimen07:0506:4222:0522:37
  • Culture&Expo Centre07:0806:3922:0822:34
  • Times Square07:1006:3722:1022:32
  • Xinghu Street07:1206:3522:1222:30
  • Nanshi Street07:1406:3322:1422:28
  • Xingtang Street07:1606:3122:1622:26
  • Zhongnan Stre06:2922:24

Things to do along the Suzhou Subway

Things to do along the Suzhou SubwaySuzhou, one of the oldest towns in the Yangtze River basin, is one of the oldest cities in China. Many historical towns and gardens were built during more than 2500 years city history. Fortunately, most of them have been preserved very well, and some of them are located along the Metro Line 1. At the same time, Suzhou is richly endowned by nature beauty where real "Jiangnan" is. Take a subway, you can explore all of these easily and comfortably.

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Suzhou Metro Ticket Tips

Suzhou Metro Ticket TipsSuzhou Metro charges by Metered Fare, starting at 2¥. For the convenience of passengers, Suzhou Metro will carry out a new metro ticket-Season Ticket. It is a great news for people who take subway offen with long distance...

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Suzhou Tour Packages

Suzhou Tours, Suzhou Tour PackagesHere we provide some most valuable Suzhou Tour Packages covering main Suzhou attractions and beautiful water town around Suzhou city.

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