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Suzhou Metro Ticket Tips and Guide

Suzhou Metro


Passenger can buy metro ticket on ticket vendor, but only coin of 1¥, paper money of 1¥, 5¥ and 10¥ are available. If you have no changes, you can buy ticket at costome centre. So far, there are three ways to take Suzhou Metro Line:

Regular Ticket

Suzhou Metro charges by Metered Fare, starting at 2¥. If your distance is between 6~16 km, 16~30km, 30~more, you will be charged from 1¥/5 km, 1¥/ 7km to 1¥/ 9km. Passenger can buy metro ticket on ticket vendor or at customer centre.


Suzhou Metro ticket vendor


Suzhoutong Card

Suzhoutong Card is available to take metro. You can get a discount of 5%. You can recharge Suzhoutong Card at China Telecom Branch Stores.


Suzhoutong Card


Season Ticket Card

For the convenience of passengers, Suzhou Metro will carry out a new metro ticket-Season Ticket. It is a great news for people who take subway offen with long distance.

  • Selling card: from December 17, 2012, in Customer Center of each Metro station.
  • Effective date: January 1, 2013
  • There are two pakages: 20 Times and 50 Times. You will pay seperately 60¥ or 130¥,you can use it 20 times or 50 times. The second time you recharge your Season Ticket Card, you just have to pay 50¥ for 20 Times Card, and 120¥ for 50 Times Card.


Suzhou Metro Season Ticket