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Xian Subway Maps 2012

Xian Subway System Plan

On the September of 2006, the State of Council approved Xian's subway construction plan. According to this plan, Xi'an will build 6 subway lines, in all 251.8km. On September 29,2006, Xian began to construct the experimental part of Line 2, than submitt a feasibility report to National Development and Reform Commission, and got an approval on July 4, 2007. On Augest 10, 2007, the project of Line 2 was launched full-scalely.

The 16th of September, 2011, is a jubilant day for all people who live in this ancient city because of the operation of Line 2 after 4 years construction. Xian became the 10th city in China which has own subway system. It used to be very difficult to take a taxi or spare a extra seat on public bus before the operation of Line 2, but now it changes better due to the subway. According to recent report the Line 2 can diliver passenge of about 200,000 daily. Once the Line 1 completed, traffic intension will be eased obviously.

Subway Line 2-the first subway line of Northwestern China

The Line 2 steers from Xian North Railway Station, arrives at Qujiang International Exibition Center, connecting business area of Longshouyuan, Bell Tower and Xiaozhai. How to protect historical sites and cultural relics was a big issue during the construction because Line 2 goes across the beneath area of Ancient City Wall and the Bell Tower. So the subway was built 20 meters under ground, and kept away from weak geological position.

The Line 2 could be the most classic subway in China. You will find "ancient Xian elements" everywhere you are. All stations are decorated like ancient China palace. Each station has a "culture wall" showcasing a special theme, such as "dragon" of Longshouyuan Station, "royal palace" of Daminggong West Station.


Xian Subway Maps 2012

Xian Subway Plan

Xian Subway Line 2

Xian Subway Line 2 Map

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Detailed Route and Timetable of Xian Subway Line 2

  • DirectionFirst ExpressLast Express
  • StationTo Huizhan ZhongxinTo North Railway StationTo Huizhan ZhongxinTo North Railway Station
  • North Railway Station06:1522:20
  • Bei Yuan06:1807:0922:2223:14
  • Yundong Park06:2107:0722:2523:12
  • Xingzheng Zhongxin06:2307:0422:2723:09
  • Fengcheng Wulu06:2607:0222:3023:07
  • Xian Library06:2906:5922:3323:04
  • Daminggong West06:3106:5622:3623:01
  • Longshouyuan06:3406:5322:3822:58
  • Anyuan Men06:3706:5122:4122:56
  • Beidajie06:4006:4822:4422:53
  • Zhonglou06:4206:4522:4722:50
  • Yongning Men06:4506:4222:5022:47
  • Nanshao Men06:4806:4022:5222:45
  • Shanxi Stadium06:5006:3822:5422:43
  • Xiaozhai06:5306:3522:5722:40
  • Weiyijie06:5506:3222:5922:37
  • Huizhan Zhongxin06:3022:35

Things to do along the Xian Metro

Things to do along the Xian MetroXian, as the capital of 13 ancient China dynasties, has so much more to offer tourists. It is filled with a great number of precious relics and historical sites. Luckily most of Xian attractions are located in the city area. So it is very easy and comfortable to take subway to explore this thousands of years old city. We list some attractions along the metro line to help you design a Xian tour.

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Xian Metro Shopping Guide

Xian Metro Shopping GuideThe operation of subway is a heart-sterring news for Xian people and travelers. The Xian Subway Line 2 connects the two most bustling business areas: Bell Tower Business Area and Xiao Zhai Business Area. Within a few minutes, you can get to a large shopping mall in central city area.

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Xian Subway Tips and FAQs

Xian Subway Tips and FAQs1. How to take subway?
2. where does the Line 2 start and end? how many stations there are?
3. How often there is a railcar?

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