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Xian Metro FAQs and Tips

Xian Subway

1. How to take subway?
Re: Please follow 8 steps: get in station, buy ticket, pass strobe, wait for railcar, board rialcar, get off railcar, pass strobe, get out station.
2. where does the Line 2 start and end? how many stations there are?
Re: The Line 2 starts from North Railway Station, stop at Exhibition Center, passing 17 stations.
3. How often there is a railcar?
Re: There is a railcay each 10 minutes.
4. Is there ITM in subway station?
Re: There is ITM in each station. It is Shanghai Putong Development Bank.
5. Can I get a discount If I use Changan Tong Card?
Re: You can get a discount of 10%.
6. What stuffs I can't bring to take subway?
Re: Pets, balloon, bike, knives, combustibles, explosives, poisonous and radioactive materials are not allowed to bring to subway.
7. Can I eat foods on subway?
Re: You can't eat on subway.
8. Can I use my mobile, pad or notebook on subway?
Re: There is signal on subway. You can use your mobile, pad or notebook on subway.
9. What is the tempreture in subway railcar?
Re: There are air conditioner in each station and railcar. In winter, it is above 18 ℃. In summer, it is below 26 ℃.
10. Can I smoke in subway station and railcar?
Re: Smoking is not allowed both in stations and railcar.