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Xian Subway Shopping Guide

xian Subway

The operation of subway is a heart-sterring news for Xian people and travelers. The Xian Subway Line 2 connects the two most bustling business areas: Bell Tower Business Area and Xiao Zhai Business Area. Within a few minutes, you can get to a large shopping mall in central city area.

Bell Tower Business Area

Bell Tower Business Area is the most influential business area of Xian. It is also the most traditional business area after more than a thousand years of growing. Clothing and dining are its two major industries.

Shiji Jinhua Zhonglou Store(世纪金花钟楼店)

Shiji Jinhua Zhonglou Store is well located on the center of Bell Tower Business Area. It is prized as most influential shopping mall. It is also the best shopping mall for travelers. Top brands are Shiji Jinhua Zhonglou Store's major merchandises.

Luomashi Street

Luomashi Street is the shopping paradise for youngers. At the same time, it is also a perfect place to relax. Its merchandises diverse from cheap to top brands.


Shiji Jinhua Zhonglou Store


Shiji Jinhua Zhonglou Store

Xiao Zhai Business Area

Xiao Zhai Business Area is the second business area of Xian. Because there are many universities and colleges around Xiaozhai, its major clients are college students. Thanks for the world famous neighbour Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Xiao Zhai attracts millions of travelers to shop here.


Xiao Zhai Business Area


Xiao Zhai Business Area is the second business area in Xian