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Xian Metro Travel-Things To Do Along the Xian Metro Line 2


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Xian, as the capital of 13 ancient China dynasties, has so much more to offer tourists. It is filled with a great number of precious relics and historical sites. Luckily most of Xian attractions are located in the city area. So it is very easy and comfortable to take Metro to explore this thousands of years old city. We list some attractions along the metro line to help you design a Xian tour.

Xian Exercise Park(Line 2-Yundong Gongyuan Station)

Xian Exercise Park is a "exercising" theme park, bult in 2004. It covers more than 200,000 m². It is an exercising paradise for all walks of people. Facilities are well equipped. Exercising fields are privately seperated, including indoor stadium and outdoor stadium. There are a lot of national games organized here. xian Exercise Park is also a natural park. Its vegetation cover reach to 80% with millions of trees and flowers, beautiful island, green mountain.


xian Exercise Park


Yongning Gate(Line 2: Yongning Men Station)

Yongning Gate is the oldest city gate of Xian. It was build during early Sui Dynasty, originaly named Anshang Gate. During Ming Dynasty, the first emperor-Zhu Yuanzhang, rebuilt the Anshan Gate, and converred a new title of Yongning Gate meaning in Chinese "forever peace in Southern China".


Yongning Gate


Daming Palace National Relic(Line2: Daminggong West Station)

Daming Palace was firstly built during early Tang Dynasty(AD-634) by Taizong Li Shimin to be burial place for his father-Liyuan. But Liyuan died before Daming Palace's completion.Then the project was laid aside. On AD 662, emperor Gaozong rebuilt it and moved into the Daming Palace on AD 663. From then on, the Daming Palace became the political center of Tang Dynasty.

The Daming Palace coverd 32,000 km² which is the size of 4 Fobidden Cities, or 3 Versailleses, or 12 Kremlins, or 13 Louvres, or 15 Buckingham Palaces. It had 11 city gates. Danfengmen Street, in front of city wall, is the widest streets in the world which has a width of 176m.


Daming Palace National Relic


Ancient City Wall(Line 2: Yongning Men Station)

Xian Ancient City Wall is the most preserved ancient city wall in China. It was built during Ming Dynasty as a defense wall of Xian city. It has experienced more than 600 years of time and tide.

Xian Ancient City Wall has a length of 13.74km, surroundingXian Ancient City like a quadrate. During hundrends of years, it protected Xian people from wars serveral times. Now it has become one of most popular attraction in Xian.


Ancient City Wall


Bell Tower(Line 2: Zhonglou Station)

The Bell Tower is named afer the bell hanging on the Bell Tower. It was built during Ming Dynasty when Zhu Yuanzhang ruled China. It is the largest ancient bell tower in China.

It was said there used to be earthquakes after Zhu Yuanzhang ascended his throne. People believed that earthquakes were caused by a evil dragon in a hiden river under xian city. A taoist suggested Zhu Yuanzhang build a bell tower to suppress the evil dragon. This was why the Bell Tower was built.


Bell Tower


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