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Detailed Chengdu City Map


Below we provide a most detailed map of China Chengdu City, with the most comprehensive travel guide and information.

On the map, you can find all roads and streets, which can help you find the your right directions of driving or tourism. The Roads include Renmin Road, First and Second Ring Roads, Zongfu Road, Dongfeng Road, Da'an Road, Huaxing Road, Shencheng Street, Jinhe Road, Binjiang Road.

For your staying, you can find the hotels on the map, inlcuding, Jinjiang Hotel, Minshan Hotel, Sichuan Hotel, Zhufeng Hotel, Chengdu Hotel, Shuyuan Hotel, etc.

Chengdu Tourist Attractions in the downtown are mostly the parks, such as the Renmin Park, Baihuatan Park, Chengbei Tiyu Park, etc.

Besides, the hospitals, terminal buses, railway stations, and airport all can be found on the map.

Chengdu City Map 2011,2012

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