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Changsha City Map 2011,2012


Below is a most detailed map of Changsha city, with the best Changsha Travel guide and information, offering tourists with the most comprehensive tourist guides.

On the map, you can find your right driving directions with the main streets and roads, such as Xiaoxiang Road, Sanxiang Road, Xinzhong Road, and Wuyi Fenglin Road, which are the ring roads of Changsha City, Yanjiang Road, Renmin Road, etc. You can find any roads and streets for your driving convenience.

Xiangjiang River runs through Changsha City, and the Juzizhoutou Scenic area is located here.

Yuelu Park and Najiao Park are the most attractive parks in Changsha City.

On the map, you can also find the hotels, such as, Hunan Bestride Hotel, Grand Sun City Hotel, Changsha , Huaya International Hotel, Dolton Hotel Changsha , Preess Rsort&Hotel, Hunan Interntional Convention & Exhibition Hotel .

Moreover, you can also find the hospitals, China Banks, Hunan University, etc on the map for your travel or living.

Changsha City Map 2010

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