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Map of Chifeng Inner Mongolia


Chifeng (Wulanhada in Mongolian), a prefecture-level city in the southeast part of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, borders Xilin Gol to the northwest, Tongliao to the northeast, and Chaoyang and Chengde to the south. It was named by the Red Mountain in its northeast corner. There are 3 districts, 2counties and 7 Qis under Chifeng City's governing.

Climate in Chifeng

Chifeng has a semi-dry continental monsoon climate with a windy and dry spring, a rainy summer, a cool autumn, and a long and severe winter. The yearly average temperature of its southeastern part is around 19.4ºF (-7ºC) and that of its northwestern part is about 34.7ºF (1.5ºC). The best time to visit Chifeng is from June to September.

Transportation in Chifeng

By Air

Chifeng Airport mainly operates flights between Chifeng and Beijing, Shanghai, Hohhot, or Dalian.

By Train

Chifeng Railway Station connects Chifeng with many other cities such as Beijing, Hohhot, Baotou Dalian, Shenyang, Harbin, Chengde, Tongliao, Yebaishou, etc.

By Bus

There are 8 provincial or national highways connecting Chifeng with many cities, such as Beijing, Shenyang, Tangshan, Qinhuangdao, Tianshan, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Chaoyang, etc.

What to see in Chifeng?

4 must-visit attractions:

Arshihaty (Ashihatu) Stone Forest: It is a part of Hexigten (Keshiketeng) world geological park, where quaternary glacier relics have been carved by the wind and sand through millions of years.

Gongger Grassland: It is the Mongolian grassland nearest to Beijing and is considered as the best natural grazing land in Inner Mongolia. The grassland boasts one of the two remaining stands of Korean spruce wood in the world and possesses charming landscape.

Dalinor National Nature Reserve: Dalinor (or Dalinuoer) is an important wetland ecosystem in Asia with the Dalinur Lake and numerous lakes, rivers, swamps and other geographical features. Here is also a home for many rare animals like red-crowned cranes and bustards.

Baiyin'aobao National Nature Reserve: Located in Hexigten Qi, it is a beautiful nature reserve mainly for protecting the ecosystem of Picea Mongolia Forest. Nationally-protected wild animals such as red deer, lynxes, and common cranes can be seen in this area.

Other Scenic Spots: Bokelong Desert Tourist Zone, Wulanbutong Scenic Area, Longquan Temple, Daming Tower of Liao Zhongjing, etc.

Chifeng Tourist Map

Detailed Map of Chifeng Attractions & Places of Interest

Chifeng City Map

Map of Chifeng City in Inner Mongolia

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