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Datong Map
Datong City Map 2011

Datong Maps – comprehensive and all-round maps of Datong city include Datong city map 2011, Datong tourist map, Datong hotel map. Datong Climate Map, Datong Transportation Map, Datong Street Map, Datong Attractions Map, Yungang Grottoes Map, to help you know overall parts of Datong city, such as, Datong mine, Datong attractions, Datong transportation, Datong lifestyle, Datong foods, etc. As the "the City of Coal" because of owning large reserves of coal, Datong has been the top 10 industrial cities in China.

Tourist Attractions in Datong

Unlike the elegant and delicate sceneries in cities south of China, sits in Datong boast the air of majesty and grandeur. Here, there are rarely green hills and small clean streams but full of the linking peaks and majestic old temples because of influence of the brilliant history and culture. The top tourist attractions include Hanging Monstery, Yanmenguan Pass, Yungang Grottoes, Huayan Monastery, Mt. Hengshan, Nine-dragon Screen, Shanhua Temple and Wooden Pagoda.

Location and Topography of Datong

As the second city of Shanxi Province, Datong is a situated in the far north, near the border with Inner Mongolia, a 6-hour train ride or 5-hour drive from Beijing.
The scenery of Datong is mainly the continuous peaks rising one upon another, majestic old temples standing for thousands of years and the vast sky and light cloud over your head. That is remarkably different from the delicate and pretty cities south of Yangtze River.

Climate of Datong

Standing at the northeastern edge of the Loess Plateau, Datong has a continental monsoon climate with four distinct seasons with an annual average temperature being about 6.8 degrees Celsius. There is the sharp temperature difference between days and nights. The temperatures are pleasant throughout the year, with a high of 38 degree Celsius in the summer months of July and August, and a low of around -2.5 degree Celsius in January and February.

Transportation in Datong

Railways in Datong

The coal in Datong is transported by the trains, which makes the transportation extremely convenient with lines reaching over 25 major cities in China including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taiyuan and Hangzhou. There are ten passenger trains heading for Taiyuan, Beijing, Hangzhou and Shouzhou.

Highways in Datong

Datong has three main bus stations. The Datong Bus Station, located at No.20 Yantong Road, owns the long-distance buses mainly heading for the counties of southeast of Datong city such as Huayuan County, Lingqiu County and Guangling County. Xinan Passenger Bus Station provides trains to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang and more, while North Passenger Bus Station has buses mainly to Taiyuan and Shuozhou.

Airways in Datong

Datong Airport is newly built, and has the airlines available to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and more. Besides, Taiyuan Wusu Airport is the nearest airport available to Datong acting as a transfer station for the trip to Datong.

Datong Hotels Map

Datong Hotels Map - Online booking Datong hotels and accommodation, and click to read Datong Hotels Location, Hotels map, how to get there, hotel photos and reviews. You can find the following hotels: Datong Yungang International Hotel, Datong Hotel, Yanbei Hotel, Garden Hotel, Honggan International Hotel, etc.

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