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Datong Map 2011, 2012


Below is a Datong City Map 2011,2012 - detailed Datong map, clearly showing its overall layout with most comprehensive guide and travel information, leading tourists to have a comfortable and easy Datong travel.

On the map, tourists can find the right driving directions to their tourist destinations, and the main roads and streets of Datong include: Beihuan Lu, Yongjun Road, Xinjian Lu, Yingbin Lu, etc.

Located in the far north of Shanxi Province and bordering the Inner Mongolia Province, Datong covers a total area of more than 14,176 square kilometers with a population of 2.99 million being the second largest city in Shanxi. As the "the City of Coal" because of owning large reserves of coal, it has been the top 10 industrial cities in China. However, with the issue of pollution getting more and more serious, the government begins to seek solution to loosen its dependence on coal and develop the substitute industries such as the tourism due to its plentiful tourist resources.

Datong was founded about 3000 years ago, one of the 24 most famous historical and cultural cities in China due to its ever prosperous history. It had been the capital of many Dynasties and the center of politics, economy, and culture so as to attract many people from other nations for trade or business. These prosperous days left Datong with a series of splendid historical and cultural relics like Yungang Grottoes and Hanging Monastery and made it be the top tourist destination in China.

Most famous tourist attractions include: Hanging Monstery, Yanmenguan Pass, Yungang Grottoes, Hengshan Mount, Shanhua Temple, Wooden Pagoda, Nine-Drogan Screen, etc.

Datong City Map 2011, 2012

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