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Detailed Map of Fuzhou City


Here, we provide a detailed map of Fuzhou city, clearly showing its overall layout. With this map, tourists can find all information and landmarks of Fuzhou City.

Main streets and roads are presented on the map, such as Beihuan road, Hualin road, Hubin road, Yangqiao road, Gutian road, Guohuo road, Taijiang road, Guping road, Wuyi road, Liuyi road, etc.

The tourist attractions shown on the map include: Linzexu Memorial Hall, Xihu Park, Guangminggang Park, Jinjishan Park, Pingshan Park, etc.

The transportation information include: the locations of Fuzhou Railway Stations, Long-Distance Bus Terminal, and city bus stations.

You can also find every hospitals, universities, high-schools, hotels, banks and much more on the map.

Fuzhou City Map 2010

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