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Guilin City Map 2011, 2012


Below is a most detailed map of Guilin city, providing the most comprehensive travel guide and information about the gorgeous and hottest tourist destination of China.

On the map, you can get a clear idea of the streets & roads of Guilin city, including, Huancheng Beilu, Jiegang road, Binjiang road, Zhongshan Zhong road, Longyin road, Chuanshan road, Cuizhu road, Lijiang road, Shanghai road, etc.

Tourist attractions in Guilin city are: Guangming Hill, Seven Star Park, Nanxishan Park, Xiangshan Park, Chuanan Park, Li River Cruise, etc.

Besides, tourists can find hospitals, hotels, banks, shopping centers, Zhengyang Walking Street, and much more information and guide.

Guilin City Map Updated

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