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As the capital as well as the center of politic, economy, culture and transport of Heilongjiang province, Harbin is the largest city in Northeast China. Besides, it also plays an important role in the communication between South and North Asia as well as the regions of Europe and the Pacific Ocean. Harbin is favored with spectacular natural scenery, and is the top tourist destination for the ones who are in deep love with the snow and skiing sports. Based on the meandering Songhua River and subject to severe low temperatures in winter, it boasts a special snow landscape and culture, which earns the name of "Ice City". Fantastic sculptures are created from snow and ice. The ice lanterns and exciting sporting events attract thousands of tourists from home and abroad.

Harbin achieved its most prosperous period when Russia built the terminus of the Middle East Railway, so it often is called the "Oriental Moscow" due to the mix of western and Chinese culture.

Location and Topography of Harbin

Located in south of Heilongjiang province, and lied on the east of the Songnen Plain, Harbin covers a total area of 53,166 square kilometers with a population of 9.4623 million.

Situated at the northern most China, Harbin earns its great reputation mainly for the annual ice sculpture display and the ski resorts due to the weather endowment.

Climate of Harbin

Located in the most northern region of China, Harbin is influenced by the continental climate and has four distinct seasons with long winter and short cool summer. The temperature of winter averages on -14.2 degree Celsius while it is just 20.9 degree Celsius on average in summer. All f the year are the best time to plan your tour, but the most suitable seasons should be from July to September and from December to January.

Transportation in Harbin

Railways in Harbin

Harbin Railway Station plays an important role as a transfer station, and provides trains departing and arriving in Harbin to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and more than 30 major cities in China.

Highways in Harbin

The long-distance buses are mainly offered by Nangang Bus Station with most of the bus routes covering the rest of Heilongjiang Province. Destinations available via the inter-provincial long-distance bus services are Shenyang within Liaoning Province and Changchun within Jilin Province. This year, a new route from Harbin to Vladivostok in Russia was opened with the daily journey by luxury bus will take twelve hours.

Airways in Harbin

Harbin Taiping International Airport is the second largest airport in northeastern China presently, catering for approximate 50 domestic and international routes mainly to Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Xian and Hong Kong, etc. Scheduled flights can reach cities within America, Russia, Korea, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.

Waterways in Harbin

Occupying an advantageous geographical position, the Port of Harbin is listed as one of the eight important inland harbors of China. However, ships only can reach some parts of northeast China from April through to the early November.

Travel & Sightseeing in Harbin

The greatest and gorgeous attraction in Harbin should be the ice and snowscape. Multicolored ice lanterns, vivid ice and snow carvings and exciting ice sports will be sure to bring you lots of fun. The Sun Island Scenic Resort, consisting of Sun Island together with some smaller islands, is considered to be Harbin’s best natural summer venue. The other top places of interest include Central Street, Ice Lantern Garden Party, Siberian Tiger Park, Yabuli International Ski Resort and much more. Besides, the Russian architecture can be found everywhere because of its historical and cultural influences.

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Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival, held on January 5 every year, reflects the city's economic development and its unique culture. The festival is a unique event celebrated by the Harbin people. Each year, many tourists from home and abroad, especially those who have never seen ice and snow, will come to the event to enjoy the magic ice sculptures made by the Harbin people. Various splendid ice lanterns will be shown in the Harbin Ice Lantern Park and snow sculptures will be on display at the Sun Island in the city. Besides the ice art exhibition, a series of activities will be held, including winter swimming, ice hockey, skiing and trade fairs. The festival, which has been held every year since 1985, is expected to attract foreigners to invest in the city once they have
seen it beauty.

Harbin City Map

 Map of Harbin City

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