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HongKong Map 2011
Hong Kong City Map 2010 & 2011

Maps of Hong Kong in English – all kinds of Hong Kong maps with best and most comprehensive information of every part of Hong Kong, including, the Hong Kong City Map 2011, Hong Kong Google Map, Hong Kong World Map, Hong Kong Street Map, Hong Kong Districts Map, Hong Kong Tourist Map, Hong Kong Hotel Map, Hong Kong Shopping, Hong Kong MTR Map, Hong Kong Airport Map, etc, to help you enjoy the amazing and astonishing Oriental Pearl, Hong Kong, China.

It would be hard to find a more exciting city than Hong Kong with beautiful natural surroundings and various cultures that blend harmoniously with Chinese traditions and exotic influences. Planning a Hong Kong tour? Want to map Hong Kong attractions and hot spots before going there? Looking for latest and authority Hong Kong travel guide? Our Hong Kong maps are your one and only source.

Hong Kong City Map

Hong Kong city maps – including,  Hong Kong City Map 210, Hong Kong World Map, Hong Kong Google Map and Hong Kong Roads Map.

Hong Kong Districts Map

Hong Kong Districts Map Hong Kong Districts Map – Hong Kong is divided into four parts officially: Lantau Island – the largest island in Hong Kong; Hong Kong Island – financial, shopping, nightlife center; Kowloon - a chaotic mix of malls, street markets and residential tenements; New Territories - rural and provides a surprising green alternative to an over-urbanized Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Weather Map

Hong Kong Climate Map Hong Kong Weather Map - Generally, the good weather makes Hong Kong an ideal destination all year round. The peak tourist season is autumn, from September to around Christmas time. The average annual temperature is around 23℃, with an average temperature in January and February around 15℃, while in July and August around 28℃.

Hong Kong Tourist Map

Hong Kong Tourist Map Hong Kong Tourist Maps – Hong Kong tourist maps are aiming to provide you with convenience to find the travel maps that you need for your Hong Kong tour, including, Hong Kong transportation map, HK attractions map, hotels map, shopping map, nightlife map, weather map, dining map, and travel tips.

Hong Kong Transportation Map

Hong Kong Transportation Map Hong Kong Transportation Map - Hong Kong has a highly developed and sophisticated transport network, encompassing both public and private transport.

You can get around Hong Kong by taking Hong Kong MTR, city buses, or trams; also get there by Hong Kong flights, Hong Kong train, or ferries.

    Hong Kong Attractions Map

Hong Kong Attractions Map Hong Kong Attractions Maps –Hong Kong offers a host of memorable tourist attractions and wonders both natural and man-made.  The city will be certain to exceed your expectations with its stunning Ocean Park, the fantastic viewpoint of Victoria Peak or the amazing and beautiful Repulse Bay.

Hong Kong Shopping Map

Hong Kong Shopping MallsShopping in Hong Kong - Hong Kong is an amazing shopping paradise; tourists can get whatever they want. There are great variety of products and brands in all price ranges. It boasts the glitzy malls, funky street markets, trendy boutiques, traditional Chinese product stores as well as themed shopping districts.

Hong Kong Dining Map

Hong Kong Foods Dining in Hong Kong - You can't talk about Hong Kong without talking about the food as it's such an integral part of the culture. Hong Kong is known as the 'culinary capital of Asia', and as the place where the eating cultures of East and West meet. The sheer range on offer is impressive in itself, with more than 11,000 restaurants to choose from.

Hong Kong Hotels Map

Hong Kong HotelsHong Kong Hotels Map - Catering for varied needs of all visitors, Hong Kong offers accommodation from budget lodging to luxury hotels, such as Eaton Hotel Hong Kong, Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong, Regal Hotel Hong Kong, Excelsior Hong Kong, and Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. It is suggested that you should decide your desirable location and price of a hotel before you go since a lot of accommodation hikes prices during peak seasons.

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