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Map of Macao

Macau City Map 2013
Macau City Map 2013

Map of Macau – overall Macau maps covering all parts of Macau city, such as Macau attractions, Macau weather, Macau transportation, Macau hotel, etc, include, Macau city map 2013, Macau tourist map, Macau districts map, Macau google map, Macau world map, Macau hotel map, Macau travel map, etc, to help tourists explore the most fabulous city of China.

Macau has brilliant relics from both its Chinese and Portuguese past that includes many outstanding examples of western and oriental art and culture. Here you will find Chinese temples, catholic churches; ancient forts and other historical relics within a modern environment that bear testimony to a cultural blend of east and west. Although people live at the atmosphere of historical and cultural relics everywhere, modern and international fashionable elements make Macao becoming an International metropolis. The top tourist attractions are the A-ma Temple, the symbol of Macao, and the Ruins of St.Paul's. In addition, the must-to-see sites are Mount Fort, Senado Square, the Lighthouse and the Macao Museum.

Macau City Map 2013

Macau Peninsula Map 2013

Map of Taipa & Coloane

Macau World Map & Macau Goolge Map

Macau World Map Google Macau Map - Macau interactive map, also called Macau satellite map, can help you find all destinations in Macau. Just click a marker for more information or double click on a spot site to see its near destinations and landmarks.

Macau World Map - Macau lies on the western side of the Pearl River Delta, bordering Guangdong province in the north and facing the South China Sea in the east and south.

Macau Districts Map

Macau District Map Macau Districts Map - Macau, situated 60 kilometres southwest of Hong Kong and 145 kilometres from Guangzhou, consists of the Macau Peninsula itself and the islands of Taipa and Coloane.

Macau is divided into three districts: Macau Peninsula, Taipa & Coloane, and Cotai.

Macau Peninsula Map

Macau Peninsula Map  Macau Peninsula Maps - Macau Peninsula, a culturally rich administrative area of China, is a great place for those with an interest in history and culture as it is teeming with interesting buildings such as Dutch churches and forts to wander around.

Macau Climate Map

Macau Climate Map Macau Climate Map - Subtropical marine monsoon climate rules Macao influenced greatly by oceans. Macao features a long and hot summer, about 100 days with high temperature over 30 from May to September. The average annual temperature is about 22.

Macau Travel Map

Macau Travel Map Macau Travel Maps - Tourists can find the Chinese temples, catholic churches, and the ancient forts and other historical relics within a modern environment that bear testimony to a cultural blend of east and west. The most attractive tourist attractions include A-Ma Temple, Ruins of St. Paul's, Grand Prix Museum, Kun Iam Temple, Lin Fung Temple, Lou Lim Iok Garden and much more.

Macau Hotel Map

Macau Hotel Map Macau Hotel Map – Macau has been the absolute destination for the tourists traveling in China. A variety of both Oriental and Western cultures and traditions makes you feel fantastic and stunning. Touring Macau, comfortable and cosy accommodation and hotels are necessary. Hotels in Macau can be found here, including, Hotel Ritz Macau, Pousada De Sao Tiago Macau, Rio Hotel, Hotel Beverly Plaza Hotel, etc.

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