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Nanning City Map 2011, 2012


Here, we provide a most detailed Nanning City Map, and tourists can find the most comprehensive and useful travel information about China Nanning.

On the map, tourists can find their driving directions easily and conveniently, such as Qixing road, Wuyi road, Yuanhu road, Renmin road, You'ai road, etc.

The featured tourist attractions in Nanning are: Detian Scenic Area, Guangxi Ethnic Relics Centers, Mt. Qingxiu, Nanhu Lake Park, Binjiang Park, and  much more.

Tourists also can have a look at the universites of Nanning, such as Guangxi University, Guangxi University for Nationalities, etc.

Besides, tourists can find the hospitals, shopping apartments, downtown areas, banks, and much more guide and information on the map for your convenience and ease.



Nanning City Map 2011,2012

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