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Map of Qionghai Hainan


Qionghai is a county-level city in Hainan Province of China. It occupies approximately 1692 sq. km in total and controls 12 towns  as administrative area including Jiaji, Boao, Zhongyuan, Tanmen, Changpo, Wanquan, Tayang, Dalu, Yangjiang, Longjiang, Huisan, Shibi. Jiaji is the capital of Qionghai.

Location and topography of Qionghai

Located in the east coast of Hainan Island and at the downstream of Wanquan River, Qionghai is about 53,4 miles (86 km) away from the provincial capital city of Haikou and 101.3 miles (163 km) away from Sanya. The geography is constituted by the three parts of plain, mound and the mountainous country on the whole.

Climate in Qionghai

Qionghai enjoys subtropical season wind and marine humid weather, with an average temperature of around 75.2ºF (24ºC) all around the year.

Transportation in Qionghai

As one of the important cities in southeast of Hainan, Qionghai enjoys very convenient transport on land as well as by water. The highway transportation is the transportation life vein of the Qionghai city. The East-line Expressway and the Haiyu East-line Highway are full of the whole city, and extend to surrounding cities and villages. It takes about one hour by car from Haikou to Jiaji Town, and from Jiaji to Sanya less than two hours. The ports are mainly Haikou Port (Xiuying Port), Haikou New Port, Tanmen Port, Boao Port, Longwan Port, etc.

Travel & Sightseeing in Qionghai

Qionghai is blessed with astonishing tourist sightseeing that centers Wanquan River being touched up with Baishi Ridge, Guantang Thermal Spring, Shazhou Island, Boao Waterfront Jade Beach and Boao Asia Forum International Conference Center. Apart from the breath-holding scenery, local festivals are also worth visiting. The Hainan International Coconut Stanza is held in the end of March or the first ten days of April of every year, which melts the tour, culture, custom, athletics, economic trade in the integral whole, taking the Hainan's coco culture and the March 3 people's customs of Li and Miao as the main special features. Additionally, Seven Fairy Hot Spring Playing Water Festival held on July 7 is a time of joy and frolic when people spill own lovers with hot spring, and let sweet love vindicate thoroughly.

Qionghai Map

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