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Qufu - Confucius' hometown

Located in the southwest of Shandong Province, Qufu is one of the first of 24 famous historical and cultural cities announced by the State Council just like Xian, Beijing, Nanjing and others. It is 160 kilometers from the capital of Shandong Jinan and 45 kilometers from Jining City.

Qufu is the legendary birthplace of Confucius, serving as the capital of the State of Lu during the spring and Autumn Period. The major cultural sites in the city are all associated with Confucius. Three sites, the Temple of Confucius, the Cemetery of Confucius, and the Kong Family Mansion, have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1994. Qufu also played a minor role in the Yanzhou Campaign of the Chinese Communists in 1948. Most tourists go there in order to see the places where Confucius lived, studied and was buried.

Location and Topography of Qufu

Qufu is located between the River Si and the River Yi in the southwest part of Shangdong Province. To the north and east of Qufu are Mount Tai and Mount Yimeng, while to the south and west are Nafu and the Great Plain of Pingye.

Qufu is situated in the southwest of Shandong Province, around 500 kilometers south of Beijing. Covering around 900 square kilometers, it has a population of 630,000 people. Qufu is the hometown of Confucius, the great philosopher, statesman and educator, considered to be one of the ten great sages of history.

Climate of Qufu

Qufu is a city with abundant sunshine and distinct seasons. The hottest month is July, with an average temperature of about 27.4 degree Celsius while the coldest month is January, with an average temperature of about 1.4 degree Celsius. All seasons are suitable for a trip here, but between March and November Qufu hits the hot season and is popular and impressive.

Transportation in Qufu

Railways in Qufu

Qufu Railway Station is four kilometers southeast of Qufu City. It can take the tourists to Beijing, Jinan, Rizhao, Heze, Taishan, Yantai, Zhengzhou and some other places. The Railway Station can be reached by Bus No.5.

Highways in Qufu

Qufu Coach Bus Station has the long-distance buses to Jining and Jinan, and the Bus No. 1,2,3,5,6 can take you there.

Airways in Qufu

There is no airport in Qufu, but people usually arrive at the Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport first an then go to Qufu by train or by long-distance bus. Qufu is only 85 kilometers from Jining Airport in Jiaxiang County.

Travel & Sightseeing in Qufu

Qufu is one of China’s most famous historic and cultural cities as the birthplace of Confucius-the famous thinker and educationist. The heritage relics are relative with the great man such as the three sites that have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1994, the the Temple of Confucius, the Cemetery of Confucius, and the Kong Family Mansion.

Besides the rich history, Qufu is also famous for its architecture, and there are altogether more than 412 cultural and historical relics under government protection.

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Qufu Map

Qufu Map

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