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Shenzhen Subway Map 2012, 2013



Shenzhen Metro Map 2012, 2013

The above is a detailed map of Shenzhen Subway 2012, and 2013. On the map, you can find the present operating metro lines and stations as well as the programmed for 2012 and 2013.

2009 Shenzhen Subway Lines & Stations:

Line 1: from Window of the World to Luohu

Line 4: from Youth Center to Huanggang

The line 1 will extend to Gaoxinyuan (Hi-Tech Institude) by the end of 2009.

2010 Shenzhen Subway Lines:

The Line 4 will extend to Qinghu from Youth Center, which means that the line 4 will be from Qinghu to Huanggang in 2010. That is the Longhua Line.

The line from Window of the World to Chi Wan will be completed in 2010, and the Line 1 will extend to Xi Xiang from the Window of the World in the same year.

2011 Shenzhen Subway Lines:

In 2011, the subway trains will arrive in the Shenzhen Airport.

The line from Hong Ling to Yi Tian will be operated in 2010.

Huan Zhong Line is from Qianhaiwan to Huangbei, which will be completed and operated in 2010.

The subway train will run to Hung Hom of Hong Kong in 2010 from Lok Ma Chau.


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