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Detailed Shenzhen 2010Subway Map


Below is a detailed Shenzhen 2009 subway map, with the operating line 1 and line 4 as well as all  metro stations.

Line 1
Upper Level of Hua Qiang Lu Station
Platform of Guo Mao StationLine 1 of the Metro runs westward from Luohu to Window of the World (世界之窗), a popular tourist spot in Shenzhen. Trains operate at 3 to 4 minute frequency during peak hours and 5 to 6 minute frequencies at other times. An electronic signboard system displays estimated train arrival times.

In 2009, there are 15 stations opened on this line:

  1. Luo Hu (罗湖, Luohu); transfer to MTR East Rail Line Lo Wu station in Hong Kong via Customs and surface bus connections from Luo Hu
  2. Guo Mao (国贸, International Trade Centre)
  3. Lao Jie (老街, Old Streets)
  4. Da Ju Yuan (大剧院, Grand Theatre)
  5. Ke Xue Guan (科学馆, Science Museum)
  6. Hua Qiang Lu (华强路, Huaqiang Road)
  7. Gang Xia (岗厦, Gangxia)
  8. Hui Zhan Zhong Xin (会展中心, Exhibition Centre + Central Walk) [Interchange station for line number 4]
  9. Gou Wu Gong Yuan (购物公园, Shopping Park Coco Park)
  10. Xiang Mi Hu (香蜜湖, Honey Lake)
  11. Che Gong Miao (车公庙, Chegong Temple)
  12. Zhu Zi Lin (竹子林, Zhuzilin)
  13. Qiao Cheng Dong (侨城东, Overseas Chinese Town East)
  14. Hua Qiao Cheng (华侨城, Overseas Chinese Town)
  15. Shi Jie Zhi Chuang (世界之窗, Window of the World)

Line 4

The subway trains in 2009 operate at 10 minute frequencies at all times. There are electronic signboard system which display estimated train arrival times.

  1. Shao Nian Gong (少年宫, Youth Palace)
  2. Shi Min Zhong Xin (市民中心, Civic Centre)
  3. Hui Zhan Zhong Xin (会展中心, Exhibition Centre) [Interchange station for line number 1]
  4. Fu Min (福民, Fumin)
  5. Fu Tian Kou An (福田口岸, Futian Port) — transfer to MTR East Rail Line Lok Ma Chau station in Hong Kong. The station was formerly named Huang Gang (皇岗, Huanggang), and it was renamed on Aug 15, 2008 to avoid confusion with Huanggang Port.

Shenzhen Subway Map 2009

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