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Suzhou City Map 2011, 2012


Map of Suzhou City 2011,2012 - Suzhou has almost a 2500 years'history and its characteristic still remains presently such as the style of the double-chessboard layout buildings. Just as the saying goes "the streets and rivers do side by side while water and land routes run in parallel", which are still perfect. Besides, the World Heritage Classical Gardens astonish more and more tourists home and abroad with enchanting natural beauty and harmonious construction. Gardens to the south of Yangtze River are the best in the world and Suzhou Gardens are the best among them. Additionally, exquisite water townships in Suzhou are well famous for the world with unique beauty and charming local lifestyle.

Suzhou is a Silk City where you can get a knowledge of how a Silk Factory to process the silk from the silkworm to the final woven cloth. The tourists can take a rickshaw ride to have a look at the streets, open markets, the beauties in elegant silk, and the people's life.

Situated in the Jiangsu Province, Suzhou is adjacent to Jiangsu Province in the south, Shanghai in the east, Zhejiang Province in the south, Wuxi City in the west and the Yangtze River in the north.

Located in the center of the Yangtze River Delta and possessing a vast number of ponds and streams such as the Taihu Lake, one of four largest fresh lakes in China, Suzhou is praised as the "Oriental Venice", and 42% of its area is covered by water. The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal from north to south cuts through it.

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