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Taiyuan Map 2011, 2012


Below is a detailed map of Shanxi Taiyuan City, clearly showing its overall layout. It includes the best travel guide and information about Taiyuan City.

As one of the key heavy industry centers and capital of landlocked Shanxi Province in North China, Taiyuan is also the center of politic, economy, and culture of Shanxi. It accounts for more than half the national coal mining output. Encompassing 6,595 square kilometers, it has a population of 3 million. The government has drafted an ambitious plan to take advantage of its tourist attractions under the construction.

Taiyuan has enjoyed a history of over 2,500 years and there are plenty of cultural and historical architectures and relics, which make boast a wealth of tourist attractions, and among these Jinci Temple is the most notable one, as the symbol of Taiyuan. Besides, Shanxi noodle is famous all over the world, and the International Noodle Festival is held in Taiyuan,, which attracts a lot of gourmands.

On the map, you can find its main streets and roads, such as Heping Road, Beida Streets, Xinghua Street, Yingze Street, Nanneihuan Street, Xuefu Street, Hengshan Road, etc.

The Fen River runs through Taiyuan City, which is one of the biggest branches of Yellow River, and on the map, you can find its location in Taiyuan City.

Yingze Park, Forest Park are the most attractive scenic spots of Taiyuan.

On the map, tourists can find the locations of Taiyuan Railway Station, Bus Stations and Airport. Besides, the universities, hospitals, banks, driving directions, etc can be found on the map.

Taiyuan Ctiy Map Updated

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