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Fulll Map of Xiamen,Fujian Province,China


Detailed map of Xiamen City, almost covering all information about Xiamen City, and you can find whatever you want on the map.

The schools are all shown here, such as the Xiamen University, Xiamen Technical School, Heshan High School, Xiamen Commercial School, Aquatic Products School, etc.

The hotels are: Yuehua Hotel, Hubing Hotel, Jinghua Hotel, Bailu Hotel, Lushan Hotel, Southeast Asia Hotel, Hualian Hotel, Marc polo Hotel, and much more.

The hospitals include: Heshan Hospitals, Zhongshan Hospital, Xianyue Hospital, etc.

The Roads and Streets are: Nanshan Road, Xinghu Road, Zhongshan Road, Hubing Road, Xiahe Road, Fangzhong Road, Jiahe Road, Yibin Road, etc.

Besides, the Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport, City Government, Xiamen Stations, Long - Distance Bus Terminal, Gulangyu Island, Xiamen Park, Wanshishan Scenic Area are also clearly shown on the map. The Huoju High - Tech Industry Area, and Subtropical Plants Research Istitute are also here.


Xiamen City Map 2011, 2012

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