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Map of Xinxiang in Henan Province


Nowadays, Xinxiang is a modern city with a profound history and sound industrial foundation. It has an area of 8,169 sq km while ten cities, six counties, four districts, 153 townships, and 3,546 villages are under its dministrative control. It is 43 miles (70 km) from the provincial capital city of Zhengzhou.

Location and topography of Xinxiang

Located in the north of Henan Province, Xinxiang is separated from Zhengzhou and Kaifeng by the Yellow River in the south and it borders Shanxi and Shandong provinces to its northwest and east respectively. The principal type of landform in Xinxiang City is plain which occupies 78% of its total land area.

Climate in Xinxiang

Xinxiang enjoys a mild continental monsoon climate with an annual average temperature of around 57.2ºF (14ºC). The city is characterized by four clear-cut seasons. The best seasons to visit Xinxiang are spring and autumn when the climate is cool and pleasant.

Transportation in Xinxiang

By Train

Xinxiang Railway Station is a rail junction and offers regular trains to reach a large number of cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Zhengzhou, Xian, Chengdu, Guilin, etc.

By Bus

Xinxiang Central Bus Station offers buses to China's major cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Xian, Jinan and Taiyuan, and to neighboring areas such as Zhengzhou, Nanyang, Anyang, Pingdingshan, etc.
There is no airport in Xinxiang. However, visitors can have Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport as an aero transfer station for the short distance between Xinxiang and Zhengzhou. Xinxiang has only two airport buses daily departing at 8 am and 1 pm. So many people prefer to get to Zhengzhou by train firstly and then changes to the airport at the nearby Zhengzhou Hotel where runs buses to the airport per hour.

Travel & Sightseeing in Xinxiang

Xinxiang boasts 46 cultural relics and 60 scenic spots for visitors to enjoy. Among the highlights are King Lu's Mausoleum, Baligou Scenic Area, and Baiquan Scenic Area.
Located about 8 miles (13 km) north of Xinxiang city proper at the south foot of the Fenghuang (Phoenix) Mountain, the Mausoleum of King Lu is the only intact Ming feudal prince's tomb in China. It includes two tombs, the King Lujian tomb in the east and the tomb of his wife in the west. It is an representative of the architecture of Ming Dynasty mausoleums and it also reflects the history and culture of the Ming Dynasty.
Baligou Scenic Area, situated at the south foot of Taihang Mountains, is about 31.5 miles (50 km) from Xinxiang City. As the soul of Taihang Mountains, it is as spectacular as the famous Huangshan Mountain. It attracts regular visitors each year to enjoy fresh air, charming scenery of the natural oxygen bar, peerless waterfalls and so on.
Baiquan (one hundred springs) Scenic Area is around 13.7 miles (22 km) away from Xinxiang City. With a history of more than 3000 years, the water area is rich in historical relics as well as gifted beautiful landscapes.
Other scenic spots include: Bigan Temple, Guanshan Geo-park, and Wanxianshan Scenic Area, etc.

Xinxiang Map

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