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Xitang is an ancient town in Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province, China. Xitang merges historical sites, ceiling corridors, diversified bridges, and narrow lanes into an integral combination. All of them together make Xitang differ from other water towns and attract visitors to come and admire its picturesque scenery year upon year.

Location and topography of Xitang

Located in the north of Jiashan County, Xitang features flat terrain, crisscrossed rivers, numerous, bridges, lanes and ceilinged corridors. The nine rivers that run through the town divide it into eight parts. Xitang is probably 55.9 miles (90 km) from Shanghai, 68.4 miles (110 km) from Hangzhou and 52.8 miles (85 km) from Suzhou.

Climate in Xitang

Xitang enjoys a subtropical monsoon climate with an annual average temperature ranging from 59.9ºF (15.5ºC) to 60.4ºF (15.8ºC). The four seasons are distinct from each other while the weather is mild in general.

Transportation in Xitang

To go to Xitang, visitors can firstly take a train or bus from Shanghai or Hangzhou to Jiashan County and then transfer to Xitang by bus. Buses heading for Xitang depart every 5 minutes from Jiashan Bus Station and the whole journey will take you about 30 minutes. The Shanghai-Xitang Special Travel Bus Line leaves from Shanghai at 08:35 am (every day, including the guide service) and return at 16:30 pm or it will deliver at 09:00 am (only weekend, excluding the guide service) and return at 16:00 pm.

Travel & Sightseeing in Xitang

Xitang is famous for its covered corridors, bridges and lanes. covered corridors are the most special scene in Xitang construction as well as the most distinctive feature compared with other water towns in China. These corridors were originally built to make convenience for the residents trading on boats by the side of the rivers. They provide shelter for people to avoid either the baking hot sun or the rain. There are 104 bridges of sundry structure, all of which were built during the Ming and Qing Dynasty. Some of them look like rainbows while others like long flutes. They are indispensable not only in terms of convenience but also in terms of beauty. Additionally, the lanes are another eye-catching area in Xitang. There are a total of 122 lanes paved with stone planks and polished by the feet of Xitang's residents. The Shipi lane is the best preserved one. Xitang also boasts many antique buildings constructed during the Ming and Qing dynasties, which have high artistry and study value. Together with the stones lanes, the tiled houses and shops along the roads witness the long history of the town. Visitors may also enjoy the simple lifestyle and the leisure atmosphere at Xitang.

Xitang Map

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