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Map of Yangzhou

Yangzhou City Map 2011
Yangzhou City Map 2011

Yangzhou maps – a large collection of maps of Yangzhou city, covering all parts of Yangzhou city – Yangzhou food, Yangzhou weather, Yangzhou history & culture, sites, etc, includes Yangzhou city map 2011, tourist maps of Yangzhou, map of Yangzhou hotels, Yangzhou attractions map, etc, to help tourists explore the most pastorals place where you can escape from the bustle and roaring modern life and relax yourselves here.

Yangzhou has been a top tourist destination ever since ancient times, as a fascinating symbol of natural beauty in China. The beautiful city intrigues its tourists with endless water scenes, tasteful landscaped gardens as well as various architectures in magnificent or simple delicate styles reminiscent of many outstanding figures. The top tourist attractions are as follows: Slender West Lake, Daming Temple, Geyuan Garden and much more.

Yangzhou City Map2011, 2012

Detailed Tourist Map of Yangzhou

Yangzhou Tourist Maps

Yangzhou Travel MapsTravel Map of Yangzhou - Without any doubt, Yangzhou city has been a fascinating symbol of natural beauty in China ever since ancient times, blessed with endless water scenes, tasteful landscaped gardens as well as various architectures in magnificent of simple delicate styles reminiscent of many outstanding figures. The most attractive scenic spots include Slender West Lake, Ge Garden, and Daming Monastery. Additionally, the local highlights are the Yangzhou Pickles, Sticky candy, ginkgo, Qionghuayu Liquor, Nanshan green tea, Baoying Lotus root starch, etc.

Yangzhou Hotels Map

Yangzhou Hotel Map Maps of Yangzhou Hotel – As one of the most pastorals places, Yangzhou also provides tourists with comfortable and relaxing hotels and accommodation. Here, you can find the Yangzhou Jinjiang Hotel, Yangzhou Garden International Hotel, New Century Hotel, Grand Metropole Hotel Yangzhou, Family of Yangzhou International Hotel, Yijing Peninsula Hotel Yizheng, Yangzhou Hengchunyuan Hotel, etc.

Yangzhou Weather

Yangzhou Climate Yangzhou Climate - Yangzhou features a humid climate being in the subtropical zone, and its annual average temperature is 15°C. In July, the average temperature is 27.6°C. The coldest month is January, with an average temperature of 1.5°C.The annual average precipitation is 1,030 mm, and about 45 percent of rainfall is concentrated in the summer. The rainy season known as "plum rain season" usually lasts from mid-June to late July. During this season, the plums are ripening, hence the name plum rain. Generally, the best time to visit Yangzhou is during March to April. At this time, various flowers around the Slender West Lake are blooming with a riot of color, especially the pure white Wild Chinese Viburnum. In this season, Yangzhou portrays a sunny and vigorous image of a water city. However, during September and October, the pretty lakes are enveloped in the light mist and clouds, showing different style of scenery.

Yangzhou Transportation

Yangzhou Transportation Yangzhou Transportation - Yangzhou is not connected by rail, but it is easily accessible with the buses from Shanghai which takes about 3.5 hours, or from Suzhou, about 2.5 hours, or from Nanjing about 1 hour. In addition, the nearest Airport is at Nanjing, and it is also very convenient.



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