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Yixian (Yi County)

Yixian (Yi County) is a county in Anhui Province under the jurisdiction of Huangshan City and it is one of the places where visitors head for trips to Huangshan (Yellow Mountain). It covers an total area of about 847 sq. km. Yixian administers four towns (Biyang Town, Hongcun Town, Yuting Town, and Xidi Town) and four villages (Kecun Village, Meixi Village, Hongtan Village, and Hongxing Village). The government of Yixian is located in Biyang Town. Nature has endowed her with abundant charming sceneries, and history has left her numerous cultural relics as well as a heavy cultural connotation. All of them together make Yixian a popular tourist destination attracting visitors all over the world.

Location and topography of Yixian (Yi County)

Situated in southern Anhui, East China, Yixian adjoins Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) on the north and faces Baiyue (Qiyun Mountain) on the south. It is encircled by beautiful mountains and hills. Yixian is the smallest county within Huangshan City.

Climate in Yixian (Yi County)

Located in the subtropical area, Yixian has a humid monsoon climate with four distinct seasons and a rather short period of severe cold. The annual average temperature ranges from 59 F (15 C) to 60.8 F (16 C). The pleasant climate offers good opportunities to travel in Yixian all the year around.

Transportation in Yixian (Yi County)

Visitors need to get to Huangshan City by train or by air and then transfer to Yixian by bus or by taxi since there is no direct flight or train to Yixian.

Travel & Sightseeing in Yixian (Yi County)

Since time immemorial, Yixian has been called the "Home on Wonderland". The scenery around Yixian is incredible while climbing up the majestic Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) is a main attraction. Mt. Huangshan was once called "Yi Shan" and this ancient county was named after this great mountain, for it is located at the foot of Mt. Huangshan. Yixian County is one of the oldest counties in China and boasts many villages with numerous Ming and Qing Dynasty buildings in brick, stone and wood and are best viewed in Xidi and Hongcun villages which are on the World Cultural Heritage List of UNESCO. These villages are the treasure of oriental ancient architectures and crowned as the Chinese epitome of traditional culture. Buildings to look out for in Xidi Village include the Dafu Grand House, Lingyun Tower, and Hu Wenguang. Hongcun Village resembles that of an ox, with the west end resembling the head, four bridges for the legs, and numerous houses for the body. Other natural and local cultural attractions add varieties for visitors to enjoy.

Yixian (Yi County)

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