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Zhongdian (Shangri-La) Map

Zhongdian (Shangri-La)

Zhongdian changed its name to in 2001. It is a Tibetan county in Yunnan Province and the capital of Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. Endowed with majestic mountains, limpid lakes, vast grassland and mysterious religious culture, the region of Zhongdian is a wonderland for visitors to explore and experience.

Location and topography of Zhongdian (Shangri-La)

Situated in the northwest of Yunnan Province of Southwestern China, Zhongdian is at the confluence of Tibet, Yunnan and Sichuan Province. The prefecture touches Tibet in the northwest, Ganzi and Muli in Sichuan to the north, Lijiang to the south and Nu Jiang (Salween River) Lisu Autonomous prefecture to the west.

Climate in Zhongdian (Shangri-La)

Zhongdian belongs to a plateau humid climate with no obvious distinction in four seasons while the temperature changes much between day and night. Therefore, it is advisable to bring a overcoat whenever visiting Zhongdian.

Transportation in Zhongdian (Shangri-La)

By Air

Diqing Shangri-La Airport is one of the largest airports in the northwest of Yunnan Province. At present, flights using Diqing Shangri-La Airport connect Zhongdian (Shangri-La) with many cities, such as Kunming, Beijing, Chengdu, Lhasa, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Xishuangbanna.

By Bus

The Yunnan-Tibet highway, the Sichuan-Tibet highway and the Kangding-Tibet Highway run through Zhongdian and connect it with many other cities. There are two bus stations in Zhongdian and they operate buses to reach Kunming, Huatupo, Lijiang, Dali, Panzhihuan, Lhasa, Chamdo, Deqin, etc.

Travel & Sightseeing in Zhongdian

Crowned as the "Eden in Dream", Zhongdian is definitely a enchanting tourist destination attracting large numbers of visitors from both home and abroad every year. The lofty and continuous snowy mountains, boundless grasslands, steep gorges, azure lakes and idyllic villages always attract visitors. If a shortlist of Zhongdian's attractions was to be drawn up, the Songzanlin Monastery, the Bitahai Lake, and the Meili Snow Mountain would top it. The Songzanlin Monastery, the largest Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Yunnan Province, is one of the famous monasteries in the Kang region. As the highest lake in Yunnan Province, Bitahai Lake is renowned for its clear water and its beautiful scenery. It is generally recognized as "A Pearl on the Plateau" and the most attractive lake in Zhongdian. The Meili Snow Mountain has been famous for its main peak, Kang Karpo Peak (which is the highest peak in Yunnan). Other top attractions include Tiger Leaping Gorge (which is said to be the deepest gorge in the world), Baishui Tableland (also named the White Water Terraces), the Shuduhai Lake, the Feilai Temple, the Mingyong Glacier (the low altitude glacier of the lowest latitude in the world), the Yubeng Village, the Nixi Pottery Village, etc.

Zhongdian (Shangri-La) Map

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