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Qinghai Earthquake Location Map

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Qinghai Earthquake–A 7.1-magnitude (or 6.9-magnitude) earthquake hit northwest China’s Qinghai Province early on April 14, 2010. It originated in Yushu (玉树), Qinghai, China at 7:49 AM local time.

The death toll of China’s Qinghai earthquake rose to 598 as of 1:20 AM April 15, 2010, according to the local quake-relief headquarters.

The epicenter was located in Rima village (日玛村), Shang Laxiu township (上拉秀乡) near the border of Tibet Autonomous Region. The epicenter is about 30 km from Gyegu town (结古镇), the seat of Yushu County. The epicenter was in a sparsely populated area on the Tibetan plateau that is regularly hit by earthquakes.

The strong quake and a string of aftershocks, with the biggest one being 6.3 magnitude, have toppled houses, temples, gas stations and electric poles, triggered landslides, damaged roads, cut power supplies and disrupted telecommunications. A reservoir was also cracked.


Qinghai Earthquake Map
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