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Travel Warning for Qinghai Pneumonic Plague Outbreak

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The pneumonic plague has affected the people's life of the town of Ziketan in Xinghai County in Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, northwest China's Qinghai Province, covering 3,000 square kilometers and boasting a population of 10,000. It is about 266 kilometers away from Xining Capital City of Qinghai Province, taking about 4 hours by buses. According to the latest news from the authorities, the town of 10,000 people has been sealed off after three men died of pneumonic plague and nine others were affected, who are mainly relatives of the deceased and have isolated in hospital receiving treatment. The 3000 square kilometers town is in lockdown, with local people unable to travel outside its boundaries and the residents are being monitored by disease control experts.

The disease has little possibility to spread because the authorities have closed off the infected area. Therefore, the tourists planning to travel to Qinghai Province or having tour presently cannot be worried about it as long as you do not travel the town of Ziketan in Xinghai County.

Qinghai, a relatively remote province where proximity to animals such as rats and fleas is common, has reported two minor pneumonic plague outbreaks in the past eight years.

Xinghai County Map, Qinghai

Pneumonic plague in Qinghai

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