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Download Maps of Expo 2010 Shanghai China

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World Expo 2010 is the occasion for China to bring the world at home, and for the world to feel at home in China.

Here, you can download the maps of Expo 2010 Shanghai China for free.

Landing China in Beijing?

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Map: Expo Site Framework

Map of Expo 2010 site Framwork

- Download this map of expo site (size:5.48M;type:PDF)

Map: Diagram: Location of the Exposition Site

Location of the Exposition Site map

- Download this location of Expo site (size:4.99M;type:PDF)

Do you want to find hotel nearby the expo Site:

Map: Expo Site Plan

Map of expo site plan

- Download this map of Expo site Plan (size:9.13M;type:PDF)

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